• ChainOfThought

    Ordered an 8-string, added preview pics.

    Pics a couple posts down...quick phone shots from the wife before she puts it in the mail.



    Opine's plz.


    This is as much as I'd like to spend.  I want at least a 27" scale and I'm liking the idea of 28.  Was going to go for the 30" but A) its more money and B) I don't think I need to go quite that far...


    Should I look anywhere other than agile?  I don't know of any other brands that have the same feature set & are priced as well.  Its already got a set of blackouts so hopefully shouldn't need an upgrade there.  Maybe a set of tuners & a bridge will eventually be worth looking into but overall I think it'd be solid...

    • Pushead

      I made the move to a 6-string,28.625" baritone neck, and it feels pretty strange.  Frankly, the additional width (not sure why Warmoth made it wider) and length is downright uncomfortable after 15 minutes or so.    If you're used to 25.5 (or 24.75), the jump to and past 28" might not be something you want to go into without trying first.

    • ChainOfThought

      Yeah I've considered that.  But also regularly play my 34" bass & that doesn't bother me much.  I realize different instrument different style yadda yadda, but I feel like up to 28 I'll be alright, beyond that and its pushing it.  The longest scale length I've played is 26.5 and I didn't notice a difference at all.


      I'm torn right now between this guitar & a saffire pro 24 + pickups for my 7321.  If I get this I'll be selling the ibanez as soon as I can...hopefully someone on base here would want it but if not oh well.  I've been jonesing for an 8-string for a couple years now and I just showed this one to my wife on a whim and got the 'well go ahead and buy it then...' so I kind of want to take advantage while I can.  Its also on sale, 150$ off, so right now this intrepid pro with blackouts costs as much (or 100$ less, don't remember now) than a regular intrepid with the stock cepheus pickups.


      edit:  Also, if we had the type of money where a new boat might be a reasonable discussion, then a 600$ guitar might not be something that gets talked about before ordering.  But for our budget, a new guitar is like a new boat, and the 50$ xbox game I ordered I didn't tell her about before ordering.  See how that works?

    • ChainOfThought

      I ordered it 


      Its gotta ship to my house first and then my wife will send it to me so I probably won't see it for a fucking month more

    • Road King

      I would just get a bass guitar.

    • Zorlac


      ive never understood when I've read forumites saying "run that by my wife" It's a guitar not a new boat. Lmao 

    • ChainOfThought

      RK: I have a 5 string bass ;)  I am curious to see how much this feels like a guitar vs bass and how that influences what I play on it.




      Zorlac: Its a matter transparency, I guess you could say.  I don't keep her in the dark about our finances, we both know what we're trying to accomplish while I'm working overseas.  So springing an 800$ purchase (when all is said and done with shipping and whatnot) out of nowhere without even telling her about it?  Its a dick move.  Could I just buy whatever I want?  Sure.  I might catch some flak for it but at the end of the day the decisions are mine.  But, that also opens the door for her to get spiteful and order whatever random shit she wants without telling me about it.  She runs just about every 20$ and up purchase by me to make sure its cool with the account...I think the least I can do is let her know I'm buying a guitar on a whim.

    • ChainOfThought

      Interesting point I just read at SS.org... if I absolutely can't handle adjusting to the 28-5/8" scale right off the bat...I can just capo to the 1st fret for closer to 27" or 2nd for closer to 25".  So there's that too.

      • Pushead

        That doesn't change how far apart the frets are, just how far you have to reach to the first position.  It won't make it any easier to play, it just makes you look silly.

        *edit - In fact, tuning so that it's "standard" 8 string tuning (whatever that is) when using the capo is really going to mess with your intonation.  The scale would be shorter, but the frets are still spaced as if you're at 28.625. 

    • Gfunk

      I want a new boat.

    • ChainOfThought

      Its at the house 

      My wife will be opening it soon to snap a few pictures for me and check the condition and then it should be on its way to me in a couple days, probably after Christmas.


      edit:  Don't have pictures yet but I skyped a bit so she could show me the goods.  Ordered it with the case they recommend with it, they shipped it in the case (as the site said they would) and my wife says its pretty damn nice.  She can't find a blemish anywhere on the guitar or the case.  There's about an inch of side-to-side 'wiggle room' around the body in the case.  The neck doesn't appear to be locked down tight, its one of those cases where there is a compartment under the neck and a groove on one side of it that the neck sits in.  Doesn't seem to be a very fitted or deep groove though so there is room for movement there.  I'll definitely be having her stuff the case with shirts or towels or something when she sends it over here, but in general it appears to be a solid case pending the hands-on opinion.

      And she says the guitar itself seems to be in perfect shape.  She can't really tell me much as she doesn't know anything about fret dressing or dead spots or warped neck or any of that stuff...but each open string rings out and 'only one of them sounds out of tune' :P.  She'll hopefully get it in the mail a day or two after Christmas and hopefully I'll see it 2-3 weeks after that.  And I should have pictures tomorrow sometime.


      I'm a little bit excited.  It also occurred to me that the stock 8th string is a heavier guage than the 2nd string on my bass (.65 vs .74)   Although I'm also not sure how I feel about the jump from .74 to .54 from 8th to 7th string... But we'll see how it all goes I guess.

    • ChainOfThought

      Double post...whatever.  Some quick pics.  She MIGHT get me some shots with the DSLR sometime before she ships it...but I'm not really counting on that.  The color/finish look even better than I expected, exactly the look I wanted.


      I'll do a NGD when I actually get it in my hands.  Hopefully with some clips, better pictures and an included new-shit-day for my PodHD.

      • -_-

        Nice gee tar you's got there, looks purty

      • ChainOfThought

        Thanks man, I can't wait to get my hands on it.  My wife actually just sourced a cardboard box for it from a local store...hopefully it'll fit since the case is a little larger than standard.  She says that the camera (phone) added a little hint of green to the finish that isn't there.  I think its going to look EXACTLY like I imagined it and wanted it to.


        I'm a little ashamed to admit it (I usually hate signature guitars) but I've been gasing hard for that type of finish color since I saw Meshuggahs signature 8's.  Its not exactly the same but its pretty close and I dig it.  I think I'm really going to dig the 8 strings too.  When I got the 7 I basically just picked up playing it like a low-tuned 6, or in otherwords I still do all my chug-a-luggin on the lowest string rather than staying mostly on the 6th and adding the 7th in for flavor.  I feel like with the 8 I might actually play it like a 7 with an extra low string.....if any of that makes sense.

    • Tondog

      Cool looking guitar. If it were a 6 string I would own one.

    • metalhobo

      you still in afghanistan? how you gonna play that beast?

    • ChainOfThought

      My wife put it in the mail a day or two ago.  I have a PodHD pro here and I run it through a set of Equator D5's.  Its actually a pretty sweet setup now that i've had some time to dial in patches on the podHD...leaps and bounds beyond the XT I was using previously.  Its not perfect, but it does a pretty good job of letting me forget that I'm playing a modeler through a set of monitors and feel similar to playing through an amp.


      And yes, I have till November and then I'm done with this place, assuming I make it that long with the way the drawdown is happening.


      & thanks Tondog, I'm pretty fucken excited about it.