Who got you into ESP guitars?

Who got you into ESP guitars?

Who inspired you to play ESP?

Daron S.

Metallica, James and Kirk are the main reason I started to play guitar!

Marcus C.

+1 on the Vernon Reid.  And Tim at Six String Music.

Mike Brinker

Tim is awesome!


Cavalera + Hammett.


Yep, Metallica.

Also when I was a teen ESPs were the nicest guitars my local guitar store had and were often hung high on the wall, out of reach from plebs like me.

Alec M.

I listened to almost nothing but Thrash metal when I started playing, so mainly the dudes from Metallica and Slayer.


the metallicaz


+2 on Vernon Reid.

Also Queensryche!



Steve B.

Nobody really inspired me to want them...Most of the bands I like aren't ESP endorsees.  I will say, however, that when I was in my teens, I saw the Hetfield black diamond plate EXP and thought it was the most amazing guitar I had ever seen.  From then, it was catalog after catalog of ESP covetousness.  I have never been able to afford a bona fide ESP, so I've sated my thirst with modding out LTD's. 


James Hetfield

Flame E.

Luna Sea




I always loved Hetfield's ESP Explorers, although Tom Araya's signature bass was my first dream bass.

Marcel K.

Definiteely James Hetfield and Metallica. Those are my main inspiration. They brought music to my life and than also ESP guitars.


Mr. James Hetfield

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