Rondo music ?

Rondo music ?

Any own a agile guitar? I was looking and you can get a custom for around a grand. wanted to get some feed back before I buy one. 


An agile*


I own an sx tele and and agile lp copy,  The agiles a 3100 its one of the higher end ones.  Its a decent guitar, it plays very well,  it sounds really nice with the stock pickups, it has good fretwork and good quality hardware.  The higher end stuff is made in korea and probably comes close in quality (i my opiniion) to the ltd deluxe series.  I would say the LTD deluxe series has better finish quality ( attention to detail ), and the LTD deluxe hardware is a little better.   The agiles are hard to beat for the price.   I belive they are all made in Korea.  I would say if there is and ESP, LTD Deluxe or Edwards that is close to what you are looking for buy that,  If not and their is an Agile that fits your needs better, give it a shot.   I don't know anything about the agile custom order but the quality should be similar to what I descibed. As far as I know their customs are not made in a special custom shop, they will be made on the same production line as the regular agiles,  just as a special run where they use the parts and woods you specify.  


 The sx actually played surprisingly well.  its the upgrade sx tele ( an extra $25 )  It is a solid ash body, maple neck, with a figured maple fretboard.  The hardware on it was absurdly cheap,  sadly the hardware is so non standard it would be a major effort to upgrade it.  and the frets started showing wear after about 4 years of light to moderate use.  Hard to complain for a guitar that cost $125 but I wouldn't buy another one. 







I didn't like the neck on my agile LP copy, but the quality was nice.  


I've sent them 3 emails and still no reply. im not going to trust a company with my money if I can't get a response back to a simple question. 


Thats weird, I got an email back right away when I asked them a couple of years ago.  


i bought the sx about three years ago,  the one i was looking at was up for sale on ebay but not on the website.  I wanted it shipped in a case so I emailed them.  I go a reply back in an hour with a link to a way to buy off the website so i could add a case.  Rondo seems to have a good reputation for customer service,  and my experiences with them were very good. 


Also I like the neck on my agile lp,  It plays good and it is a very well made instrument,  but I have to say I prefer the profile of the eclipse necks.  They are just a better shape for me.   





i emailed them 2 more times and still nothing, o well more guitars out there To choose from. 


just give up and by an ltd deluxe, or better yet a used esp,  you will be better off either way.  trust me there is a reason I own only 1 agile compared to my 10 or so ltd's and 8 ESP's

nothing wrong with the agile, they are a good value,  I just prefer ESP products

If you really want that agile you can try this email

he's like the owner or something


I'm pretty sure its just the one dude that would be answering your emails, especially if its something more technical.  With that in mind...maybe he's swamped or has some life shit going on?


Anyways I just ordered an 8 string from them.  Should be at the house on Christmas Eve, my wife will open it up, snap some pictures and make sure it shipped ok then get it in the mail to me.  I should have it in about a month, I'll do a NGD and let you know how it goes.  I've not really heard any but good things about them though, taking into consideration that some people will bash the quality because they compare everything to a ESP Standard or PRS Custom etc.


Also, their 8-string line was originally a customer concept.  Dude saw that one of the 6-string basses could probably be modified to be an 8-string guitar so he started a dialogue with Kurt...and now we have the Septors and Intrepids as production models.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  I don't believe any production models at ESP/Gibson/Jackson/Etc came from random-dude-on-a-forum talking with the owner and making shit happen.


Just FYI, I placed an order on the 20th with standard ground shipping, got the 'please allow extra shipping time for the holidays' and then recieved the guitar on the 23rd.  My wife said the cardboard shipping box was toast (literally fell apart when she tried to open it) but the contents were just fine.  I won't have my hands on it for a couple more weeks but she can't find any blemishes...she just doesn't know how to look for issues with the frets or anything like that beyond 'well it doesn't look fucked up at all.'

So, I realize a standard/off-the-shelf order isn't necessarily indicitave of trying to make a custom/more custom request, just FWIW I had zero issues with them.


I did the custom order thing a few years back, it was alright, but not really the guitar I was waiting for. If I didn't need the money back in the college days, I'd still own that white 7 string telecaster. New owner emailed me back in October, guy I sold it to dropped it or something a broke the neck, it was hastily patched up and still works to this day


It's weird that kurt doesn't answer you quick, he answered me immediatly the first time i purchased a guitar asking about stock existance, he was really nice. I own a Douglas Hadron, Douglas Halo and Agile al3010se, they three are amazing, I switched the pup's for emg's on the agile and halo, and dimarzio crunchlab/liquifire on the hadron, they ended up with an amazing sound, they are well made and feel amazing, I can compare them with the LTD deluxe models but here's where it is different from LTD's, Rondo music guitars are amazing, good quality & perfect to mess around with without being worried on the look or if they get damaged, you get an amazing guitar that you can use without emotional worries (thanks to the $), but ESP's & LTD's are Good quality and look amazing to the point that a little scratch makes you feel guilty cuz they are your babies...

Here's what I recomend you, If you have a low budget below $600 get a Douglas or Agile from $159 to $309 and upgrade the hardware little by little and will end up like an LTD deluxe for only $130-$260 extra that you add whenever you can afford it, but if you have the money I recomend you to buy the deluxe models, an Agile3010se would sound and feel as good as a LTD EC1000 for $309 but will never beat the elegance and beauty of the LTD colors, satin colors, binding, logo... Rondo sounds and feel awesome, ESP sounds feel & looks awesome.


Never updated to my reply here... I got my hands on that Intrepid Pro 828 and its flawless.  No fret issues anywhere, setup was perfect for me out of the box (after international shipping, no less).  The case I bought with it is nice, although I'm keeping it in an SKB flight case the ABS plastic more than I do the wood for flying & shipping.


The hardware all seems solid, the tuners are very smooth and don't seem to slip at all.  If anything I might replace the bridge eventually but just for preference...the stock bridge has a bit of a sharp edge where I rest my palm, but after a day or two playing I didn't notice it anymore anyways.  If I ever decide to try another type of guitar I will almost certainly go with Agile again.  I spent 6 or 700$ on mine, it was on sale at the time & came with the SD blackouts.  Best guitar I've played in the pricerange and easily matches the couple ibanez prestiges & an ESP or two I've been able to demo.


A buddy of mine just bought a B-stock lower-end baritone 6 from them and he's also pleased it seems.

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