The something neat you bought (that doesn't deserve it's own thread) thread.

The something neat you bought (that doesn't deserve it's own thread) thread.

Here post whatever cool and neat things you've purchased recently!

Only two rules:

  • It cannot be NGDs or NADs.  Use your own intuition as to what qualifies, but please make new threads for your new guitar gear!
  • You must actually take a photo of the cool and or neat item which could be relevant to our collective interests.  Maybe a short review as well!


I'll get us started..  as soon as I finish flooding random pictures to ESP to become an approved member..  :rollseyes

Also, whats the point of having bullets, if they don't work?


I recently bought this sexy Lamborghini:















if you don't see anything it's because I am not an "approved member"


How does the remaster sound?  I didn't even know they were doing it.  Palaces is still probably my favorite album from them.


"I recently bought this sexy Lamborghini:"  -- zorlac

nice ride that is an awsome paint job

Dr. Tongue

Probably means jack shit to anybody else, but delighted to have this winging its way to me.  London Tube Poster for "Hatchet" signed by the writer / director Adam Green.  


Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB, wi-fi.   Already unlocked and rooted and tweaked.  

The G.

Nice! I got the first gen shortly after they hit. So far its unlocked, but i never attempted a root for fear of bricking it.


I bought my wife a $250 dildo that moves around like a severed limb in the Evil Dead. That is all.


Your wife is RZK?

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What's up Ton! Thought they would have hung you by now lol


"I bought my wife a $250 dildo that moves around like a severed limb in the Evil Dead. That is all."

I  got my wife something similar, but it was free because i was born with it.   It is not severed and probably doesn't move quite the same way. Love the description though. 


Tondog can make your dick move around like a $250 dildo and vibrate?! Must be a post 1970 model then?! 

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I bought 

a gallon of milk

kill bill 1&2

pack of gum

and snickers today




sorry, i cheated.


I'm a pretty big fan of the lifeproof case I have on my iphone 4.  Tempted to get one for the mini but the damn thing is 120 bucks...little steep for a case :/


I thought $50 was steep for a case when I bought an Otterbox Defender for my GS4, but, it's been a lifesaver the rare occasions I've dropped my phone.   The rubber exterior is fading though.  It WAS highlighter pink when I bought it, and now it looks like a Fender CS pink, which is okay by me, lol.    

Wish someone made a nice, sturdy case for my N72013 though. :( Otterbox does not love it.   Will have to check out Lifeproof.  Also, I had no idea magpul did phone cases, whoa. haha.

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"almost better off to just risk it bare-back and by a new one if anything happens."


Wouldnt it be great if a gf worked the same way?


Just got my Google Nexus 5 phone in..  It's pretty sweet.  32 gb model


One of the best albums ever! 

the disturbed one

i've got to side with RK on this one, i've never had a case for any of my phones and they have all been fine. plus cases take away the sleek designs and take up much more space in your pocket


Snowboarding season has begun bitches!!


 No case + phone + tile floor = cracked lens and display screen,  glad I have phone insurance

The G.

not pictured

-A780GM-A Black series motherboard w/Athlon II x250 for my upcoming MAME cabinet project. paid $80

-OCM 50gb SSD for the above mobo. new egg'd at $35

with pics

-won a 12 pack of Intune GP 60mm gripp x's from one of their recent contests

-decided to try out Gravity Pick's Stealth pick. ordered the Green 3mm, but the orange 4mm came along with it! both are great picks and feel great when playing. $12 something shipped.

-then picked up a Cooler Master V6 for the above mobo. this thing is a beast! i thought my v8 was chunky, but this beats it. another CL score for $20. all i need is to snag the amd brackets off the CM store this weekend and that'll be another step towards MAME goodness.


post pics of your cabinet once done! Should be neat.

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