• jet66

    Official ESP Forum 'The Returned' Thread

    Anyone else watching this show on Sundance? I just started watching it, I have a few episodes to get caught up on before the next new one. If you like The Walking Dead and speak French or can read the English subtitles, I highly recommend checking it out. It's like The Walking Dead meets Twin Peaks (minus the campiness/absurdity of Twin Peaks.) I checked out a couple of episodes before TWD came on, and I'm pretty hooked.

    • jet66

      So I guess I'm the only one watching this badass show. You don't know what you are missing... Marathon on Sundance channel this Sunday, I believe. This coming Thursday is the season finale, shit be gettin' cray.

    • Zorlac

      Speaking of cray, what ever happened to bob and his bat shit cray cray chica? I can remember the thread fresh as anything. Lmao. I wish I woulda taken the mod serious and archived all the lulz while there was time. :sad