• Gfunk

    Tablet Question

    I am considering getting Mrs Funk either a Fire HD or HDX.  She is not a gamer, and it would primarily be used for general surfing, reading, movies, etc.  I am looking at the 8.9", so the price difference is @ $150.  Any suggestions and or recommendations based on experience? 


    Mucho Thanko in Advanco.

    • ChainOfThought

      My mother in law has a FireHD I believe.  She enjoys it and her tech savvyness rating is less than 0.


      Thats about all I know about the Fires :/  I would recommend an ipad mini ;)

    • exhibit-sbt

      I personally have a first gen Google Nexus 7 which works wonderfully for me.  Has all the options and services of Amazon, but also has the Google Store.  

      (I'm not sure if the newer kindle devices has that as well, but dollar for dollar, I went for the Nexus and am satisfied)

    • Beto

      I wonder if Gfunk is going to be banned and this thread deleted because he didn't ask about ESP tablets.

    • nwright

      I just bought my kids Nook HD's for Christmas.  130 bucks, Killer screen, 7".  Just updated them with the Google Play Store, which is why I went with them...I'm getting them mainly for games/learning stuff.  I started setting one up last night and it seems like the book stuff is almost as robust if not the same as amazon...and I didn't have to pay more to get it without ads.  The reviews between the Nook HD and the Fire HD (7") put them about the same, or gave an edge to the Nook with the higher res screen and brightness...The 7" HDX has a higher res screen than the Nook though.  Processor specs and memory otherwise are pretty much the same between the Kindle Fire HD 7" and the Nook HD 7".

      I also didn't want to be tied down to the Kindle/Amazon marketplace with a much more limited app availibility.


      All that said, I bought the 3 I did for 7 year old triplets...My needs and wants are probably different than your wifes.  The Amazon marketplace strictly for reading and movies seems to be pretty popular, but in my limited searching I found the same things on the Google marketplace.  The only book I've ever purchased, though, has been on my ipad through Itunes.


    • Road King

      I still don't understand what a tablet does over a laptop. I like my keyboard.

    • -_-

      anyone know where I can find a decent priced iPad? I would go with something else but i already have so much invested in iTunes.