Official ESP Forum The Walking Dead Thread

Official ESP Forum The Walking Dead Thread

So what do you think so far? I'm still liking the show. I'm glad to see The Governor get whacked, finally. There were a lot of satisfying kills on The Gov's crew, especially Mitch. That guy was just plain ol' annoying. I couldn't wait to see him get killed since the first time he opened his mouth.


Word on the street is that the next episode will be a Carl-centric piece, finally no one should be yelling at him to go in the house, unless it's to clear it.


The new esp forum is the walking dead.

RZK Spieler



Pretty satisfying episode, overall. I think Judith is dead, but they just couldn't show that on TV, cable or no.  They never showed Lori getting eaten, either.


I didn't even realize it was back on the air till yesterday, so I downloaded all the episodes.


I watched all eight of them today.  Good shit.

the disturbed one

i'm really gonna miss Herschel, interested to find out about Judith

The G.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the saviours  story arc.


The Gov. and probably Michonne are the only persons worthy of life thus far. Tis a shame he got finished off by the weak. At least if it was Michonne beheading him with the sword it would have been a worthy demise.


I fell off my chair laughing when the little girl blasted that chick. That's good writing. 

adrain s.

AMC released the official synopsis, promotional photos and videos for Season 8 Episode 15 of The Walking Dead – Worth, airing April 8th.


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adrain s.

AMC released the official synopsis, promotional photos and videos for Season 9 Episode 6 of The Walking Dead - Who Are You Now?. Check out the description and promotional photos as well as the sneak peeks for the mind blowing hit series The Walking Dead at FANdemonium Network.

Road King

This makes the 4th season that Neegan appears. Move on already. Should have been one and done.

I have long been advised to watch this series, but I have not done it yet ... I think that this action is not for me

Marry s.

I am in love with this show, every now and then the situation changes and made it more interesting. I recently watched avengers end game movie and really liked it. Will recommend others to go through it.

david m.

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