• Ozzfun

    *Official* Set Your Posting Goals for 2014 Here!

    Dear Old Members, new members, Mod, new mods:

    An important holiday tradition of the ESP forum... arguably even more importan than the Christmas hat avatar expression... is the setting of posting goals and the tracking of serious gains. Please use this thread to set your posting goals for 2014, and to track your sweet gains throughout the year. In the spirit of community-building, the mods should set goals as well. To any new members who are struggling with setting a good goal, please contact a friendly Respectable Member for assistance.



    • Ozzfun

      My posting goals for 2014 are simple.

      Before the old board was nuked, I was a few weeks away from reaching a coveted 20,000 posts. I'm still convinced that's the only reason the old board was nuked... people were jelly and they paid off the Mod to destroy all evidence of my amazing achievement.

      In 2014, I would like to:

      -Figure out how to see how many posts I have.

      -Hit 20,000 posts in one calendar year.


      Wish me luck!

    • MaDick Hurts

      -Post lots to gain ESP fun point *only redeemable in selected ESP locations. Points are non-refundable and worth no value (except in Iceland)

      -Post TONS to flood said board so gravity takes over and sends every new post at the end of a thread, forever ending replies within replies

      -Find out how to quote

      -Attempt to add Jeff K. as a friend (WHY WON'T YOU ACCEPT MY REQUEST!?)

      -Post good luck wishes to Ozzfun...






      but not now

    • the disturbed one

      My goal is to beat ozzfun 

    • metalhobo

      normally it would be "get on page 1," but I guess now it's "find the members list and sort by post count."




    • MaDick Hurts

      New Goals:


      -Keep post SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER clean (sorry for almost wishing Ozzfun good luck????) to prevent 3rd banishment.

      -Prevent threads from being FCC'd and make sure ESP is giving the highest praise to avoid said banishment.

      -Keep posting until a Mod/mod comes out of the clos...curtains *cough* and explains invisable rules.

    • RZK Spieler

      My goals for 2014, I think 3,000 is realistic. Well, that is if I don't get banned again.

      I should be able to get 100,000 points, though.

    • Road King

      My goals are to balance not getting banned with making smart ass comments letting the new mods know how much the forum changes suck.

      • RZK Spieler

        See, my mistake was not balancing the not getting banned part, and making way too many smart ass comments. I think I made it clear that the forum changes suck.

      • MaDick Hurts

        Well so far I'm saying nothing but good things and hey I even pointed out someone being inappropiate. ME of all people in the ESP Youtube comment section!

        Something tells me doing nothing will still get me banned.

    • -_-

      I want to be able to post pics and piss off more people in the process :) 

      • MaDick Hurts

        I was gonna let omess pop my sister's cherry but since Joker is such an out spoken rebal he'll get the honor of that roll instead.

        Sorry omess but you're gonna have to deal with sloppy seconds.

    • Skoggy

      I think I had 67 post in the past three years in the nuked forum, as I was more a lurker than poster. Can a friendly Respectable Member please assist me with an estimat of a good goal for 2014? My hopes are goals that:

      - Ensures my continued low status in the forums, so that I can be that annoying little dipshit that no one cares about but keep popping up from time to time, but..

      - still get enough points/posts/whatever to post obscure pictures of blurred strings and guitarrelated stuff that does not make sense.


      Thank you in advance, friendly Respectable Member!


    • Ozzfun

      I just made a sweet blog post on how to set posting goals. Check it out and please comment in the blog section!


      Posting goals are a reflection of who you are on this message board. The great Respectable Members of past boards have laid out this holiday tradition to ensure we all make amazing gains each year.

      Before you set your posting goals for 2014, reflect on yourself as a 2013 poster. Have you made enough posts? Have you worked your way towards RM status? Were your lulz LOL-able enough? Was your Business Serious enough? Were your Batman quote references clever enough?

      Goals should be attainable and measurable. If you are a 1-post-a-week manlet, your posting goals should not be 50 posts a day. Set a goal that will help you make some solid and thick gains all year long.

      So there you have it! Set a posting goal, and post it over on the message board. Your posts will be thick and tight in no time!

    • jet66

      I'm shooting for my usual: To hit 10k posts within 2 weeks of GnR's next album.

    • Beto

      Considering those new rules and limitations, with no NWD - new wathever day - pics nor links allowed, and considering my poor undertanding in English and about America way of life and thinking, I can foresee an average of one post each day.


    • v8rman

      Ive been a long time lurker in previous forum, became an esp owner, signed up ready to drop pics of my goods and now its a whole new forum. That said my posting goals are to be smart and saavy. To gain acceptence into the new family from esteemed users still around. To apply what ive learned to better the youth of today. To have fun with people from other countries who cant talk straight, nut job the fanboys and be a model dirtbag. Thanks

    • Galactic

      I'm here for the prizes

    • jt76

      Think I had about 400 before the meltdown,   gonna try for 1,200 this time.  gonna use poor punctuation, bad spelling and weird spacing,  because im lazy.  Im gonna flip flop on topics just because i suddenly feel like siding with someone else. Im gonna post some things that don't make sense because i drank to much and thought i should.   Im going to lurk a lot because i can't think of something cool or obnoxious enough to add to the conversation.  Hopefully post some good pictures of guitars and amps and maybe add something interesing or useful from time to time.  Or maybe my unsubstantiated opions will just piss people off.  either way glad to be here.