• ChainOfThought

      I am so fucking confused as to what in the hell is going on in this thread.  I checked it a few hours ago and all the RZK posts were just the  smiley, the title was RZK Attack Thread.  Now the title is ATTN: IM A LUNATIC! and the content of the OP doesn't really sound much like RZK.



      Somebody please explain what in the fuck is going on here.

    • Dave R.

      None of this banter has to do with OP's diatribe. (confused smiley ???)

    • ChainOfThought

      What diatribe?


      "If you see me impersonating a moderater, talking crazy, just know that is is me, RZK. Former banned member. I'm unstable, so please bear with me while I work through my tantrum! Sorry for the inconvenience.

      By the way, Omess gave me a little email loophole tip. I know how to circumvent the registration process (at least for now). So if you get banned for being a nuisance, head over to his tree fort and he'll fill you in. It's awesome! The whole world gets to see your instability, it's a hoot!

      Sorry for ratting you out Omess. Hope you don't get 'rebanned' with me..."


      This is all I've seen on the "op" in this thread.  I didn't see any impersonation of a moderator or any talking crazy.  And this text wasn't originally there 2 hours ago when I checked the thread and it was only the emoticon.

    • Dist_WhiskyCoffe

      I see almost all the old members are agaist this new forum i see, and I have nothing agaist this new forum. I guess the dudes behind the forums are trying to get fine this company in a complete chaos that this world is rightnow. (But Oh. Mayans predicted this. Paranoia.)  But seems that they are doing on this forum eveeything wrong by now, maybe without paying a true webmaster and getting a chaep engine-forum, maybe managed by themselves without to know how do this. Maybe Im wrong. But why not tried yuku? Maybe.I think on the long time this forum will work most than fine.

    • Dist_WhiskyCoffe

      I'm sorry but this Dave R is too friendly for to be the old espguitars that had no feelings in ten years as I remember him as a perfect asshole, perma- banning me without just a  little message before it. Again l'm sorry but that is what I remember. Well, you probably got ur reasons for the ban. I'm sorry If u are the old mod, I don't want to sound offensive at all. But remembering Also banning to poid like this way, and boogie too but him was banned like 4 times but getting back soon. I  thought taht boogie was your lost son:).

    • ChainOfThought

      Dave is the mod dude.  That is one thing on this board that I don't doubt or have question about.  (Henceforth in this conversation I will capitalize "Mod" when referring to Dave himself, and lowercase "mod" when referring to a generic, run-of-the-mill "mod."

      #1, if Dave R. was not Mod:  I don't honestly believe that Mod would have taken the time & effort to fill someone in on as much back story to this board as Dave R. has.  That is an absolutely ludicrous thought.  So for #1, Dave knows too much to not be Mod.

      #2, I don't really know what you're getting at by calling Mod heartless/emotionless/whatever.  Guess thats not how I've ever seen the dude.

      #3, Dave R. is fucking Mod man.  Thats just all there is to it.

      #4, I can't believe I just responded to an Unreal post.  I think this is a first for me

    • Dr. Tongue

      Wait a minute...... we can't mention other brands?  What the fuck.  Really.  Is this what it has come down to?.  Why the hell are people sticking around here if that is the case.  Rules are rules, but that one is completely fucking idiotic if so.  That's like creating a rule "No one is allowed use the word "the" in their posts".  It just doesn't make sense. 


      Wait a minute...... we can't mention other brands? What fuck. Really. Is this what it has come down to?. Why hell are people sticking around here if that is case. Rules are rules, but that one is completely fucking idiotic if so. That's like creating a rule "No one is allowed use word in their posts".

    • ChainOfThought

      I'm not sure when or where anyone said or implied that we can't talk about other brands?  Can someone link to it or quote.....wait scratch the quote idea, forgot this is just a comments section.  Fuck and the link idea too...can someone just name a thread title?

    • Ozzfun

      Wait... Jeff K. isn't gay??? WTF happened!?

    • Zorlac

      CFE aka tree fort.