• SlapMyBass3825

    How to Change Brands

    Hello, I am currious of how to work up the motivation to change brands. I have been playing the same brand for so long it have become so comfortable but i am afraid to change brands because i may not like it. Any advice?

    • jet66

      If you have a shop that stocks ESP, just go play them as often as you can, and see how they feel. Or, buy a used one at a good price, and see how it goes. If you get one at a low enough price, you should be able to flip it at no or little loss if you don't like it. A lot of the mid-range LTD's give you a good indication of what to expect as well. They might not be quite as refined, but they at least give you a good idea at how they approach things like neck shapes, pickup spacing, body contours, etc.

    • slab

      as jet-t-sahn points out, used esp's are of great value for the timid

      superior craftmanship at bargain prices

      i like the mid 90s fiddles myself

      i dont have a girlfriend, so i sleep with esp's


      got over 4k post on this board and my first delete the other day, pathetic,... btw

    • ESPimperium

      Dont think, do. Take the plunge.

      Im in the progress of switching out my Schecter 7 string for a PRS SE CU24-7. Ive just bought a ton of new strings in order to see if D'Addario are my thing over Ernie Ball.

    • Joey Spirito

      Just play a good esp. It's not traditional to our norm. So they have a lot of room for customization. Esp isn't just about metal. Check out all of ther guitars, and I'm sure one is calling your name =]

    • metalhobo

      1. Change brands of what? You haven't mentioned this. String brands? Pick brands? Cable bands?

      2. From the other replies in this thread, it appears you mean guitar brands. How are we, the collective forum, supposed to give you advice on guitar brands when we have no idea what kind of music you play or what you're looking for in an instrument?

      3. If you are talking about guitar brands, what in the world makes you think that you have to change brands? Why can't you play multiple guitar brands at once? There's nothing that says you can't own a Gibson as well as a Fender, or a Jackson as well as an ESP.

      4. Do you really expect to get impartial advice regarding guitar brands on the ESP FORUM? Just go to a music store, play some instruments, and make up your own mind.



      tldr; this is a waste of a thread. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • 43

      Stop looking at the logo.

      easy fix

    • Symbiant

      Ever since I've owned an ESP/LTD I've had a lot more control on my fretboard. FAST NECKS.   



    • metalhobo

      esp guitars cured my cancer and gave my sister's murderer AIDS!

    • Kannon

      Do you even guitar?  Go play some stuff.  Are you a signed artist who HAS to be seen playing one brand?  Own multiple brands at once.  Different tools for different jobs.  My ESP Navigator was a tool for one kind of music, while my EBMM JPX6 suited another.  Same with my PRSes and Gibsons.  Put crap in your hands!

    • SlapMyBass3825

      I really love how everyone is hating on me for this. Indeed this was a colossal waste of time. Still, I appreciate anyone who was kind enough to answer my question.

      • exhibit-sbt

        Extremely vague threads/questions get very broad answers.  Hating on you?  Nope.  I think they just responded with dumb answers for a dumb question.  

        Play a guitar, do you like it? Okay.  What does brand name even matter?

        Past that, why cant you play more than one at the same time?  I switch from my ESPs to my Jackson just on mood.

      • jt76

        I played only fender and ibanez for over ten years.   Then i tried a ltd at guitar shop.  Bought it after ten  minutes of playtime.  Liked it so much i bought a real esp. Now i own many ltds xtones and esps.  i play esp products 95 % of the time now.  for me their necks are the perfect shape. I Never  new what i was missing.

    • v8rman

      put a sticker on the headstock.

    • -_-

      -_- are you asking us how to go to the store and try out different brands and picking one you like, then go to the counter and pulling out your money and paying for it?

    • deftoneskidd

      just quit worrying about everything so damn much and buy what you like!