• MaDick Hurts

    Feedback Thread

    Post all the failings for this confusing comment system of a forum right huuuurrr.


    -Why in the shat do I get a notification when a friends comes online? I THOUGHT I HAD MAIL!!! <---this is bold? wackness...


    Also, do you hear the word cunt pronounced or is it replaced with that fucking beep that you hear on fucking tv?

    • RZK

      -Hard to navigate

      -Post order is fcuked

      -Doesn't display all posts, THIS ISN'T FCUKING YOUTUBE, IT'S A GODDAMNED FORUM

      -Doesn't display whole posts, see above

      -Too many mods

      -Too many rules

      -No list of rules

      -We have to follow rules

      -Goddamned ESP FCC censoring all of our shit


    • ChainOfThought

      +1 on having to click a "read more" button on long posts.


      Although on the flipside, once we can ACTUALLY start posting pictures, that might be a nice little thing when someone decides to repeat a picture 100 times in a post.  Kind of funny the first time...gets really fuckin old when you have to wait for them to load over & over again.

      Overall, it just feels way too much like I have an account set up for the comments section of a website, as opposed to the forum that I've been a member of since 2004.

      Also, Dave knows who has been around here forever, could we not automatically get the points we need to post pictures/links?  I get it for stopping spammers & fly-by-night salesmen & "vote for my band" type of stuff.  But holy fuck stain, I've been here since 2004 and I'm not even close to having the most time in service here.  We've been here this long and you're going to suddenly take away basic shit like posting links and pictures and make us earn some bullshit points to get it back?  I think the thing this forum has been MOST useful for has been sharing clips and helping each other with recording better tracks, and we now we can't even do that.


      Also I think banning Omess over the pictures thread was uncalled for.  You said he called you an asshole, (in that thread) he didn't.  Your analogy was that dude a party "spilled beer around the room, told you your food sucks, and then called you names and spit on you, you'd probably ask them to leave your home."  I don't think thats very accurate.  Its more like dude shows up to a party at your house and sees that you've built a deck out of rotting lumber and rusty nails and THEN slacked on the construction on top of that, and are now expecting all your guests to hang out on it.  So he points out that you could have done a couple things to make it a better party experience and VOILA, ban-hammer.  


      'I think you could have done a better job with this and it appears to me, based on the presentation of this board, that you don't know what you're doing.' 



      Thats kind of how I see the situation.



      TL:DR: Too much like a comment section, not enough like a forum.


      Edit: On a positive note (because everybody needs a positive note).  I do still like this forum better than the iteration right before it.  Its a little snappier, it doesn't do that "working..." crap and...well I guess those are the two main things it doesn't do that drove me crazy about the last one.  Work out the bugs and relax a little on the moderation and I think we'll be ok.  You don't have to let us get quite as shit-faced as we did in the EZBoard days, but I feel like right now we can't really post much without thinking, 'well is this going to get deleted or get me banned?' even when its just simple shit.  Like this reply, for instance.  A bit of me thinks you're either going to chop sections or ban me just like Omess.

    • KFW

      What are the rules, and where did you guys here about all these "rules"?


      This forum just has a weird guestbook type of vibe...

    • Dist_WhiskyCoffe

      Op. Are u poid? 

    • Road King

      No confused smilies.

      No undername.

      No quote system.

      No lulz allowed.

      No official threads.

      I do like how no one under 18 is allowed here, although they could just lie. Teens always ask annoying noob questions.

    • ESPimperium

      Can i say i prefered the old forum that got nuked??? Even if it was running on steam and gears.

      All this to-ing and fro-ing?

      The place wont be the same!

    • Dr. West

      you know what, the replying thing sucks. I used to be able to see what the latest replies where by just going to the end of a thread. Now theyre all over. If we take that off, I can learn to slowly adjust

    • ChainOfThought

      Hadn't thought about it but yes, huge +1 for removing the replies to individual posts in a thread.  At LEAST make it to where you never have to load into a separate page just to read the rest of the replies on a post.


      Also, I think some of this problem would be mitigated anyways if the reply box were moved to the bottom.  I wonder how many out of place responses occur when people get to the bottom of a thread and then hit the reply button they see right there which actually just puts their post as a comment on the last post.

    • metalhobo

      Excuse me, sir. I seem to be lost. Can you direct me to the nearest ESP Message Boards?

    • Powerslave

      add quote ability, remove reply to individual post function asap. 

      we'll go from there.......

    • Kannon

      Get rid of this nested comment thread bullshattery.

    • Dist_WhiskyCoffe

      Poid. A super member like you must  stay here without leaving. I mirin. 

    • MaDick Hurts

      Quit Mirin, have a snickers.