• ChainOfThought

    Quick Reply Box

    Is there any way to move the reply box to the BOTTOM of the discussion...where it should be...?


    Half the time I open a thread, read the first post and see the reply box and think 'oh there must be no replies yet.'  Then back out to the main page, see that there ARE replies and have to reload the page.  This process is a pain in the ass when you're on shitty satellite internet in the middle of the Afghani mountains.

    The rest of the time, its annoying as hell because generally when responding to a thread you're responding to the discussion thats going on, not to the OP, so it just makes more sense to have the box down at the bottom where you can still see the most recent post as you type you're response.

    • RZK

      If you want a real forum, I suggest going elsewhere. This forum sucks.

    • RZK

      It's set up like a comment section, not a thread.

    • ChainOfThought

      Yeah I know thats all I can keep thinking.  That now we're those dudes you see in comment threads on news articles and such that clearly know each other from posting so much there...


      I honestly think I can get used to it with a couple tweaks, but holy gut fuck this is jarring.

    • exhibit-sbt

      Take careful, a mod might post some form of disproval to your accounts. 

      *Not you Dave, you're straight forward about our shenanighans.

    • RZK

      No, make it like an actual forum. This fcuking sucks ass.


      It's very hard to use, and I hate it. I also hate giraffes, but that's a topic for another time.

    • RZK

      See, I wanted my post, or, um, "comment" to be at the bottom, like in a sane and rational forum, but ESP, in typical ESP fashion, fcuked it up, kinda like redesigning their logo, E-II, and LTD Elite. Bunch of bad decisions going on...

    • RZK

      Oh, wow. Now they're on the bottom. They were just at the fcuking top. I can't even understand how this fcuking place works.

    • ChainOfThought

      RZK: When you post a reply, it shows up right at the top when you hit post.  After refreshing the page it will be at the bottom where it belongs.  In other words, you are the only person that will see your post at the top and it will only be immediately after you hit post, everyone else will see at the bottom from the first time they load the thread.


      And yes, I am very much not digging that the reply box is at the top.  It doesn't promote 'discussion' at all.  Just an OP with random replies and no actual conversation.    Now obviously we still have conversational threads here, but thats because thats how we operate.  I would think many/most new people will see the OP, then see the reply box and go ahead and reply, regardless of what 4 other pages of replies might say.  That shit, will get real fuckin old.


      Not to mention its just annoying as fuck having to scroll back to the top of the page to post my reply.


      How about at least a compromise where you have one at the top and one at the bottom?

    • ChainOfThought

      Honestly I'm at the point where if the reply box were at the bottom and there weren't nested comments I don't think I'd mind the layout/style.


      Its just too confusing reading threads as is with all the nested comments and shit.  And its still annoying as fuck scrolling back to the top of the page to post a reply.

    • Powerslave

      removing the commenting and adding quoting will be a big improvement. This is like the comment section on a news site now and that is not good.

    • jt76

      "removing the commenting and adding quoting will be a big improvement" I couldn't agree more,                                                       post go in multiple directions so its really confusing the way that it is now, please fix it before I loose my mind.    



    • ChainOfThought

      "On the list..."


      Good to hear.  I'll stop harping about it then.

    • KFW

      I've found it hard to post here, because it's inherently confusing to read the threads. I can't help but read it like how the forum used to be, and before I know I realize I don't know what the shit is going on.

      And the posts often make sense either way, so I end up trying to decipher the order 

    • Beto

      Numbering the posts within each thread was very useful. 


      +1 on moving the reply box to the bottom of the page;

      +10 on the "read more" thing;

      +100 on adding quoting;

      and +1000000 on getting rid of the Reply/Continue Thread thing.