• Jeff K.

    Thanksgiving: What Are You Thankful For?

    Not everyone on this forum is from the USA (and we plan on opening up more international participation soon), but for those who are, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Most people today associate the holiday with stuffing your faces until you want to die (ad then having pie), but I find that I really am thankful for a lot of things in life.

    • Music. My life would be completely different without it, and probably way, way worse. Music has been my main pastime, my passion, and my profession for my entire life.

    • Family. Very important to me, and growing more so all the time. Many small things come and go, but the health and happiness of my family is what actually matters to me.

    • Friends. My life would suck without good friends. I count my pals at ESP to be among the coolest people I know, and of course I have lifelong friends with whom I grew up, people who I'm proud to call bandmates, and many others that make my life all the better with their presence.

    • Food. I really like food. Eating is awesome.

    • Internet. Sounds geeky, but the fact is that everything I do would be about a million times more difficult and time-consuming without Internet-based communication.

    • Music Gear. I don't have a ton of guitars and basses and amps and effects and recording gear, but I use the hell out of the stuff I do have, and it's a pretty amazing world where I can record entire albums here in my little home. It's no Ocean Way or Record Plant, but it lets me do things I never could have done at home when I started as a musician back in 1837.

    There's more, but it's a good enough list for now.

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