Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

Where are all the other beaten and scarred war vets from the original forum? I see Tondog, metalhobo, and kgry, but where is everyone else? Push? Everyone else? Mod?


There's almost as many mods and esp employees as people who post...

Jeff K.

I think there are a grand total of three ESP employee/mods who've posted here so far (including myself). Two Jeffs and a Dave. That's it.


Every  time I'm about to post I ask myself: is this worth it, or will it just be deleted? I feel bad for Dave.

Dave R.

You have your posting goals in order, Ozzfun. Fear not the delete!

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Dave R.

As long as it's ESP, Phil, no worries. (though technically they're 'MX' or 'EXP')

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Jeff H.

wiretap, here.

seek and destroy

I'm WAY old school. Cheers to anyone that remembers who I am!  

That said, where can I go to sell something? I got some awesome shit to pass on. 


you need 975 points to sell stuff

seek and destroy

I got all the points you need. Now buy my BMF SV!!!



Im back, but have decided that Imperium will be laid to bed, and my standardised and easier to find monkier on many message boards and Twitter will be used now.

And yeah, ive just seen Nickelback and Skillet this week, and am okay as i was no where near the Helicopter Accedent in Glasgow this past day as well.


All these years and still no speaky...





Man, thought I'd pop in and check what I've missed on ye ole ESP USA forums... what a bloody mess. Had a hell of a time trying to activate my account and kind of wish I hadn't bothered now.


Back. Why I dunno.

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