Can’t get my guitar with EMG’s to play through my Mesa Boogie Rect-o-Verb 50

Can’t get my guitar with EMG’s to play through my Mesa Boogie Rect-o-Verb 50

Like the title says. The guitars I have with passive pickups seem to play on the amp with no issues. But whenever I play my truckster with the Het set it doesn’t seem to work. On the distortion channel if I turn it up all the way on the amp I get a little bit of sound from the guitar. Any ideas?? Need new and or better tunes? Thank you


Is the 9v battery connected properly/at all?


Yes. Brand new battery actually 


1) Make sure you have the cable fully inserted in the guitar. It seems obvious, but the connector in the guitar for active pickups has 2 different "clicks." One touches the tip of the cable, the other that touches the shield. The cable can plug in so that it only touches the shield connection if not fully inserted.

2) Open up the control cavity and make sure that all of the quick connect ends are connected in the block.


After some investigation I found that one of the wires from the toggle switch broke. So hopefully should get to fixing it later this week 

David M.

I've actually encountered the same problem but with a Dean. The toggle switch doesn't transfer the signal correctly and I believe that some of the wiring has partially detached from the toggle switch. If I remove the rear control cavity and push up on the toggle switch the signal transfers normally but if not then the signal cuts off and it sounds like the active pickups' battery is drained. I think that some soldering is required to fix this issue.


I basically had the same problem. I ended up just getting an EMG solder less toggle and it switched the problem.

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