Trouble fitting strap locks on my LTD


Recently I bought an LTD EC-10 and noticed that it's strap bolts (idk how they are called) are quite bigger than the bolts on my other guitars.

I really don't like when I have to play on a guitar without any strap lock system, and it's being really hard to find any that fit on my LTD. I don't really want to make some wood filling and get a smaller screw on it, can anyone give me another suggestion on what to do? Is there any strap lock system that fits on this kind of larger bolt?

Thanks, in advance.

(Sorry for my broke english, it's not my native lenguage)


Are you using Schaller or Dunlop strap locks?  Schaller strap locks usually come with screws in two sizes. You might consider using the Schallers.

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