• Johny2Wong

    Pots for Eclipse

    Hi all,

    I want to buy E-II eclipse that comes with EMG. I'll swap the pickup to SD. So, I'm planning to buy 500k pots. The easiest one that I can find is CTS with Fender logo. The package is like the pics below


    My question are:

    1. Can this pots fits into an Eclipse without any problem ??

    2. Besides pots, is there anything else I need to change ??



    • Pushead

      Those pots should be ok. 500k is a good value. The only other thing you'll need to replace is the output jack.

    • Johny2Wong

      I never know the output jack for passive and active PU is different. Can you explain what kind of output jack I should buy ??

    • Pushead

      The jack for active pickups is balanced (often called stereo). It has two wires that go to the ground connector of the instrument cable, one of which completes the circuit for the power.

      The jack you'd need is a simple mono 1/4" instrument jack.

    • Johny2Wong

      Still have a question about pots.

      For E-II eclipse tone and volume, which pots should I use solid or split shaft ??

      I also still confuse about long and short shaft. Which one do I need for an eclipse ??

      I'm planning to buy 500K pots from ernie ball. The package is in the picture below.


      Can I use EB pots without any problem on eclipse ??



    • Pushead

      For an Eclipse it would be a short shaft. Solid or split would depend on the type of knob you want to use with it.

      I can't see any reason the EB pot wouldn't be fine, but I've never see one before. Could you send me a link?

    • Johny2Wong

      I don't change the knob. So, I just use the one that come with the guitar. I think all E-II eclipse use dome knob.


      Which pots should I use with dome knob, split or solid ?


      I don't have any link for EB pots. I see it on IG post by one of music store near my place.


    • Pushead

      Split shaft will be fine. I looked at the EB site, and their pots will also work well. I was worried that they may only make pots for their wah pedals.

    • Emy154

      Very interesting 

    • Johny2Wong

      Hello, I revive this thread again because I still have question regarding pots. To summarize, I'm planning to buy an eclipse and will change both pickups from EMG to passive one.

      The volume will use 500K push pull pots from dimarzio. The tone uses 500k pots from CTS. Here is the photo:

      Based on Pushead suggestion, I buy short split shaft pots.

      As you can see, the thread on those two pots have different height.

      I also notice those two pots have different gap size.

      My questions are
      1. Can I use those two pots without enlarging any hole in eclipse ?
      2. Does the different in thread height (2nd photo) have any effect on the guitar itself ?
      3. I don't want to change the dome knob that comes with eclipse. Can I use those dome knobs if my pots have different gap size (3rd photo) ?



    • Pushead

      It's hard to say without having the guitar and pots here. You may need to ream the hole for the pots a bit, especially the CTS pot, but that's easy to do with hand reamer.

      The thread height shouldn't matter too much, the knob will just fit further down on the CTS pot.

      You can use the split knobs with the dome knobs. I'll usually cut a guitar pick into small pieces and put them in the gap on a split shaft. Having something in the gap makes it easier to keep the knob level.

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