Rack Gear / Pedal Board

Rack Gear / Pedal Board

Anyone putting together a rack unit? Or a pedal board? What do you have in your arsenal of pedals and racks?


I use the Voodoo Lab GCP and GCX. The GCX is in the Rack and controlls a Chorus,Reverb and Delay.

My Pedalboard consists of the GCP a Wah and a Wireless system


I also use the Voodoo Lab GCP and GCX. Also with a TC Electronic G-Major 2, Korg Pitchblack Pro and Line 6 Relay G90. Just bought a Mesa Boogie Grid Slammer to see if I can add it to the rig. As for a floor board I have the Zakk Wylde setup but with a few other additions Boss TU-3, Dunlop DB01, Dunlop ZW45, Dunlop ZW357, MXR ZW44, MXR ZW38, MXR ZW90 and MXR M169.


Nice Setup. I use the Shure GLXD16 Wireless


My small but useful rack setup.  On a small pedal board I have a Dunlop KH Wah, an ISP Decimator and an X2 (predecessor to the Line 6) wireless.

Travis L.

Damn dude thats clean!

The G.

See you like the Rhodes. 



Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

I don't have a rack yet. Using an old multieffect (Boss ME-5) on an old Marshall. But I'm looking to get my self an Marshall JVM 210h 100w 1960AV just need to make some more room here.

Nathan G.

Fractal Audio FX-8 is all I use for the effects now.  Simple to use and built like a tank.  Run it through my choice of 3 different Mesa Amps and I am pretty much set.  Maybe in another year or two I will consider going full Axe FX and eliminate moving rather heavy equipment around even more.

The G.

When I had a rack it was a Peavey Rockmaster, DOD R-831 EQ, ART SGE Mach II, Tubeworks MosValve power amp, and an ART 401 conditioner. The RM survived the sell of, so I modded it. Now if I play it, I piggy back off a Crate 2x12.

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