Amp selection

Tan Y.

Hey guys! I want to buy a new amp as I started to think that my Joyo DC15 werent enough for my playing. There's 2 choices, Nux Frontline 50 and the Roland Cube 40gx. Which one do you guys recommend?


Don't know what you have access to.  For a versitile amp that has enough power to use with a drummer but also sounds good at low enough volumes for a practice amp I like the following options.   


Fender Mustang III  ( solid state )

Blackstart Ht 40 ( tube )


a cheaper option that is also very good.   

 VOX VT40  (solid state)


Tan Y.

Those are pricey 

Zaid O.

Maybe the fender mustang ii? Its a fantastic amp!

Austin H.

Do you happen to use any effects when playing?  Or do you just run straight to the amp and let the guitar and amp do all the work?  Cause I have used line 6 products for years and you can get them for real cheap on eBay and guitar center used section.

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