I'm new here - just wanted to introduce myself

I'm new here - just wanted to introduce myself

Hi all,

I just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself.  I am looking forward to meeting cool new people here, engaging in great gear and music discussions, and hopefully add to the collective knowledge and wisdom in this forum.

I've been playing for almost 30 years now, including developing my vocal skills in the last few years as well.

I recently became the proud owner of an LTD guitar, which is the EC-331 FR.  It has some specs that are important to me that I could not find offered by other guitar manufacturers  (24.75" scale + 24 frets + floyd rose). As I have spent more time with this guitar, I have also been pleasantly surprised to find the overall quality and playability to be outstanding.  Even the stock, non-brandname pickups sound decent. I thank ESP for making guitars with this rare combination of specs and at an affordable price point.

I Iike my guitars to have some visual bling, so I applied some stickers to it.  I think it came out pretty cool, so here's a pic of it.

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