what would you like to see amp companies build

what would you like to see amp companies build

This is the amp I'd like to see Engl, Marshall, Blackstar, Bogner, Mesa......

20w three channel tube amp with a 5watt setting.

Clean channel: separate eq, gain and volume control. Clean- blues crunch

Crunch channel: separate eq, gain and volume control. Blues crunch- Slash

Lead channel: separate eq, gain and volume control. Slash- Metallica

Serial FX loop.

Global gain stage boost that works on all channels.

Global volume control.

Footswitch with Channel 1,2,3, gain boost & fx loop.



Daron S.

I'm just getting sick of the amp companies cutting features in the low watt amps, Mesa Mark V 25 would be awesome as a 3 channel with the same footswitch as the 90w. And why do most companies cut out the fx loop? I have an Engl Ironball and have to say I think it's the closest thing to what I've asked for, but I still wish it didn't have a shared eq and also had a third channel. Even just a separate clean eq and a crunch channel with its own gain and volume control. Maybe I'm just dreaming out loud but I think this amp would sell really good in the amp market.


That's a lot to ask for in the small footprint of a low-wattage amplifier.  Perhaps you should be looking at a digital solution for your low volume needs.

Daron S.

I'd probably be happy if they added a mid cut button on the clean channel and made the gain boost variable and not a fixed amount of boost. That's not a lot of change to the Ironball. Effects loop on off can be done through a looper pedal after the fact. But a guy can dream.

Nick Irving

I certainly like the idea of having a 5 watt option on a 20w amp. Big thumbs up from me



Rikki Tikki Tavi

Can't understand why Marshall haven't designed an amp with tube manager, or auto bias.

Ronaldo Venesuala

I want to see the Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp with all the usual suspects from the original involved (ie, reverb, eq, super high gain). Add a MIDI port, a DO port, and a earphone jack. Every new Mesa amp should have these 3 things besides the model specific things, 1. MIDI port  2. DI Port   3. Earphone Jack. I don't think these port request are a big deal, could be easily done. It makes a difference when choosing an amp.

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