ESP ML25 Strap or ???

Dave P.

None of my local shops have any straps I like that don't say Gibson or Fender on them or cost a fortune.

I love the ESP shield logo and was thinking of the ML25 Shield strap but less likely to see that in a local store than an ESP.

Despite being made in Canada, I can't find the ML25 here and may be ordering from USA and paying extra for it without seeing it first.

It's for FRX FM RDB (not heavy) - but extra cool if it works with my Cherry Burst Strat that's a little heavier.

Anyone have any experience with this strap or have any cool (not to shiny/flashy) black leather alternative ideas?


Note to ESP: your Canadian distributor must suck, 2 dealers I talked to weren't impressed either (actually one stopped carrying you) - tune them up or replace them. Your marketing folk need to be as aggressive as my FRX and get the merch out to the fans to promote the brand.

Big Daddy B

Is this the one you are talking about?

I ordered one once but returned it. It was OK for the price but there is better out there. If you are looking for something cheap and feed thru style, then I would say the Ernie Ball leather (?) straps are nice. They make a slick black patent leather one but it does have a Joe Bonamassa logo on it. I also have a nice snakeskin print one. Those are both 2" though vs. 2.5" but you said weight was not an issue. 

BTW if you are deciding to stick with the ESP straps, they now have the dripping blood logo available now as well. I think that one might look better with your axe. Tim from the forum here sells then at his store, 6 string music.

Dave P.

Ya, that's the one.

Truth is, I'm not to picky, the only strap I haven't liked is my new cheap  nylon as the thin leather doesn't hold and I have caught my guitar from dropping too many times.

I just love the shield logo, want something more interesting than plain black without being too interesting.

But that $30 strap will probably be $60+ by time it chooses border to get to me and have never seen it to have a clue if it's worth it.

I am sure it's a way better value than any Gibson strap - how do they get away with those prices, most people's guitars aren't worth much more than that.

Anyway, interested to know more about the ESP strap, as with most ESP stuff, there is little info out there (strap isn't even on ESP website). I know it's made in Canada and wonder if it may be a cheap Levy with the logo added for ESP


Big Daddy B

Well my next suggestion was to buy Levy's since they are mad ein Canada, no duties. I have a few of their straps and they are pretty good. Even their cheap leather ones seem pretty good. I was never big into Nylon but I do like cotton straps. The buckles don't slip as much so usually don't need readjusting.

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