FRX Tombstone Case

Dave P.

I would argue, that the FRX becomes ESP's identifying design... as Stratocaster is to Fender, Les Paul to Gibson etc...

Where many guitar models (all companies) can be equated to being based on or a variation of another model... not FRX (where I will concede it has offset dual horns like a Strat, they are a practical element and could not be changed more without their complete elimination).

It is the first original design I have seen in a long time that captured my attention and I have been obsessed with it since I saw it. I will have one someday soon so I can start thinking about other things again.

ESP charges a small premium for this model over others, I assume for added labour of the carving it requires...?

If any guitar was to include a Tombstone case with purchase - it is FRX !!!

Right now, you can't even buy a Tombstone case separately.

Anyone agree - FRX must have Tombstone case?


Anyone know how to make a poll for ESP models that most need this case or a petition to ESP...?

Would be nice if ESP did this before I bought, well that and add a STBC and passive pup option to E-II (or as LTD FRX-1000 with ebony and FR) - but I won't hold my breath.

Dave P.

OK, got the guitar...


Where's the Tombstone Case for it?



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