Which cab to get


I got a new engl powerball and want a new cab to go with it, but which one to get? I'm thinking either the engl 4x12 pro or a Marshall 1960. The Marshall will save me a few $ but I can't decide . Any advice would be appreciated. 


I have played various heads with both cabinets,

I have always found marshalls to be a bit compressed.  Great if you are playing a lot of fast distorted stuff,  a bit confined if you want an nice vocal airy sound.  


I think the Engl is a lot more versitile,  very tight distorted but also very open when used clean.  I really liked it and would have bought it but it was used and I did not have the cash on hand at the time.  By the time i did it was sold.


I ended up buying a mesa 4x12 - an old metal front one with the half closed / half open back with all celection black widows,  


Not to confuse you but I would look at mesa cabinets as well, If you don't need to have a new one, there are a lot of good deals in the used market for th 1960's and mesa 4x12's,  I rarely see Engls.   







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