ironball or mini recto

ironball or mini recto

That's it in a nutshell.  Anybody have experience with either?  I'm probably gonna have to order one blind as I can't find one near by.  I realize that for the price I could fit the full size heads but I don't need the volume and wouldn't/couldn't  use it anyway.  

I just want full amp sound and reasonable volume, home friendly volume.  

Any thoughts or opinions welcomed. Thanks.

Daron S.

I bought an Ironball right as they came out. I also bought a Mini Recto when they came out. I really like the Ironball just wish it had a separate eq for clean channel. I sold the Recto quickly. Even in the 10w mode it just couldn't get quiet enough to play in a small room. Also the Engl holds its tone at lower volume much better. The Recto only sounded good loud. 

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