Dream setup's

Dream setup's

Well today i got my dream set up finished

Engl invader completed the setup 

Alongside the zilla custom 4x12 with v30s 


Esp e2 eclipse and esp standerd series eclipse


Pedals mxr carbon copy

Maxon od808

Korg pitchblack

Boss chorus ensemble

Isp decimator ii 


What about you guys have you got ypurs or what whould you want to make your dream sound shoot guys 

Cianan M.

i have an Engl poerball

orange 412 with v30's


jackson rr24 and ibanez rg prestige 2550z with2 emg 81's


ibanez tube screamer ts9dx

boss ns-2

boss cs-s

boss tu-3


only thing i would change my ibanez to another jacksonrr24 becuase ita that good or custom hufschmid

and get a boss chorus enseble and a digital delay



Very nice 

Tim H.

The only thing I'm in need of to make my rig complete is the Empress Echosystem delay pedal. It's sick, but it's also $450. That's why I still don't have it. lol


My dream rig: Marshall JVM410H w/Marshall MX412A/B cabs  No Mods

ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo guitars, 2 of em' one tuned in std, one tuned in Eb

Boss pedals in FX loop: digital delay, super chorus, EQ, Flanger

Pedals in front of the amp: jim dunlop wah, Boss chromatic tuner, Boss Harmonist, Boss noisegate


its my dream rig cause ive been building it for 2 years now


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