Hi everyone!

I'm a complete beginner, the very definition of the term "NOOB"...  ... but I've decided to learn the guitar and this is my VERY FIRST equipment video about my amateur stuff I put together.

This video is for pure entertainment only. For beginners like me, it can be fun to watch and maybe pick up some basic ideas about what to get for yourselves, and for good old pros, just to bring a smile to your faces! Maybe some will remember back to the times they've started out.

Anyways, no ads, no irritation, only a short video demo. Enjoy!


Nice video and for a beginner you got some nice equipment. Do you take lessons or are you more an autodidact?


Thank you very much!

I only started to learn on my own, using a basic electric guitar tutorial DVD, as well as lessons from the web. So far, I only had a little bit of time to really get into practice due to personal issues and now the holiday rush, but I feel that I already made some progress. Sometimes it is frustrating when I experience difficulties with certain exercises, but I don't mind, I just keep doing them and practice with patience.

I enjoy the sound of this guitar a lot and the EverTune feature is fantastic! I only tuned the guitar twice so far, once just to practice the tuning process on it, and just recently to make minor adjustment, so I can tell that the technology definitely works!

Those basic exercises help me a great deal with the most important parts, like finding the strings, finger placement, movements, the "spider" exercise to go up and down and such as well as learning chords, some of which I still have difficulties with.

I can see that it will be a long process, but that's OK. I just take my time, try and learn it well, do lots of repetitions of the same basic things till I feel confident to move on learning actual songs, solos and riffs.

Playing a guitar is a great feeling and I also love all the accessories I've got so far. Just a very basic equipment, I know, but they give me lots of tools to work with and learn till I'm ready for more serious stuff and a wider line of pedals, effects and accessories.

Thanks again for your reply. :-)


I love how every people label their gear amateur then show decent stuff they could gig with without problems...-.- Not intented to hurt you or rant. Anyways, enjoy them really great stuff.


To be honest, I don't really have a clear picture about what's considered a good gear, but judging by what I've seen on video clips, many advanced and "pro" players have some pretty insane stuff with equipment on their pedal board and what-else, that I don't even know what they are!    

The reason I considered and called my gear a beginner stuff an amateur gear is because I only have the most basic things I could think of to get, and knowing so little about the entire thing I was/am pretty sure that all that is just a very-very basic rig.

But I'm happy with it and I feel I've picked the right guitar in the ESP LTD EC1000 EverTune. I was very uncertain, checked out the main brands as well (Gibson Les Paul and Fender mostly) but I thought I would pay a lot more for a brand name than actual performance. Again; I don't know (!!!), and when I saw so many wonderful stuff in the online music store catalogues, I was just blown away! I wish I had the knowledge and mostly, the budget to get more stuff, but this was pretty much I could afford maxed out right now.

And of course, let's not forget that I AM a complete beginner! Whatever little I've learned when I was a young kid, I completely forgot (unfortunately).  :(

I certainly did not want to sound hypocritical in my description about my gear, so I hope you don't take it like that.

Thanks for your answer.



Be proud of what you have, I have little yet I'm proud of it, even prouder when my friends say I can make it sound good. To be honest, I never understood why pros used a ton of pedals/racks to sound good, I believe the tone is the hands(mostly) and I always played with an amp and 1 or 2 effect pedals(distortion or overdrive or chorus..etc). Even in recording(with Amplitube 3) I don't use many things, just an amp, an overdrive pedal and an effect if the song demands it.  Simpler things can sound just as good as 1000 pedals in a chain. It's up to you, BUT that's just an opinion. Anyways, I liked your video, great stuff you got and I didn't mean to offend you.

So, happy learning!  Music is one the most awesome things in the world!

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