multi effects processor suggestions

multi effects processor suggestions

I currently have a Zoom G2G that I love, starting to crap out on me and they are not available other than ebay right now.  any suggestions on a processor that is easy to use and sounds good right out of the box without me having to spend countless hours tweaking parameters.

Vedran P.

Try Line6 stuff if you're on a budget.., little more expensive, but still very good.., if not, try out TC Nova System!

scott s.

I have a post on another website and someone recommended the Line 6 stuff....m5 and m9

Vedran P.

Line 6 does a really good stuff.., in my opinion far better than boss or digitech.., but.., and there's always a but .., there are, of course both boss and digitech, also zoom stuff that are good.., but they cost money.., for ex. boss gt 10 is a gr8 effects pedal.., also there is that big zoom effects pedal, g9.2, or something like that.., tried it.., good stuff

scott s.

I did try the BOSS ME25 and ME80 today as well as the LINE6 far as ease of use the 25 won hands down.  The 25 and the 80 had the same sounds, but changing parameters on the 80 was like trying to do a power boost on a video game (hold this button down for 5 seconds, switch to your neck pickup, spin around 3 times, tap the memory button, cross you fingers)  obviously and over exageration.  POD6 was the same.


I know that feel bruh! i own a 25 myself...more than happy with the sheer simplicity!


the problem is that all multi simulate the effects and when you go to record or play live is not so much notice do not observe the great guitarists do not use at all

scott s.

I use a processor live and love my tone.... Yeah a lot of the pro players are using stomp boxes

Vedran P.

boss effects are indeed good, I had boss ME20 bass and it rocked.., a some guy spilled beer over it on a gig :/


If you're willing to stay with Zoom, the G5 is pretty killer!

scott s.

ill have to check out the G5...thanks LEXXX.

Ishtiaq S.

Get a zoom G5, simple stuff but packs a punch.

Dale T.

I'm quite impressed with my Vox Stomplab.


i own both the zoom ( the bass version think its the b3 ) and a vox stomplab -   The stomplab requires programing, it is really easy to program,  but the patches are just numbers so you have to remeber what each patch is.   You can connect it to a computor to veiw and organize and possibly save the patch programs.    works and sounds just like a vox valvetronics amp with some extra features.  The manual lists all the amp models and speaker cab models to aid in programing.  you can go by that or just use your ears.  I like the sound of the stomplab better.   The b3 operates the same as a g3 or g5.  you assign an effect to each button, 3 on the g3 and 5 on the g5.   the effect can be an amp model or a wide range of pedal simulations.   Each button has its own screen that displays all the information you need while programing so you can program or reprogram really fast.  A patch and be set up in a couple of minutes if you know what you want.  Both are great pedals and I would trust either one in a live situtation,  I would choose that stomplab if you don't change settings often, or the zoom if you like to adjust and change your sound all the time.   both sound much better run in stereo.  mainly use these as amp modling pedals with headphones to practice at night.  They sound great in the headphones because it is stereo,  when i plug the into an amp something is missing,  that is because everything is back in mono.   I have plugged them in to two amps using a split stereo output cable,  that is a really good sound.    

Normally I use individual effect  pedals when playing thru an amp, I am currently only running a barber overdrive, a tc delay, and a tc looper.  

Dale T.

With my Stomplab I dialed in a distortion I liked and copied it to several consecutive programs for sound consistency. On each copy I add the individual effect I want; wah, delay, etc. Honestly if I were going to use a myriad of effects I'd go with individual pedals so you can turn on and off individual effects in whatever order you see fit. I'm considering adding some pedals in line with my Stomplab. I am very happy with the sounds I get out of it, the construction of it, and it was really cheap, but I just use it as a distortion pedal and a wah primarily.

eric t.

Was till recently running Line 6 x3 live its recently become retired. Have a tc g major with a ground control pro. I dont have the patience to deal with all the programming. I want a Kepner

Real bad but dont have 2,500 or more laying around so  , anyone feeling generous


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