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Can anyone recommend a great bridge humbucker pickup for a Les Paul style guitar that is very versatile? I use this guitar for clean sounds, crunchy sounds, rocky driven sounds and right up to full metal riffage and lead \m/   Would prefer it to be passive as I know what good active pickups are out there. Would it be easy to only swap the bridge pickup and keep the neck pickup? I really like the tone of the neck pickup for the cleans 

Vedran P.

Try emg81.., ppl love it on bridge.., I myself am more of a S&D fella, so I'd go with S&D..,

Michael S.

Duncan JB. 


I'd stay away from active EMG's if you're after a good clean tone. I would look at passives if I would be looking for something with good clean tones.


Honestly, I like the clean tones of emg's but they lack the headroom that passives have


Thats true


my favorites for bridge are the following - these all sound great clean, distorted,  and heavily distorted

they are all slighlty different, but any should cover what you are trying to go for 


duncan sh5,  -nice bright but not harsh clean -  sort of zepplin sounding distorted

pearly gates, - nice bright but not harsh clean - ac dc or zz top sound distorted

suhr ssh+  - really nice clean both warm and bright - defined progressive distortion sound 

bill lawrence - Wild Pickups ( not bill Lawrence USA) - L500 XL  - really nice clean both warm and bright - pantera distorted 



of these I like the - L500xl and the suhr ssh+ best for cleans,

I like the duncan sh5 best for rock / moderate distortion

I like the duncan sh5, and the l500xl best for heavy distortion




The G.

You can do an active/passive setup.

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