Some pics of my gear !! 


1. Taylor 214 Tobacco burst

2. ESP Truckster BLK - James Hetfield Sig

3. ESP MX250 Custom Black (Customshop)

4. ESP MX250 Custom Snow White

5. ESP MX250 Custom Black

6. Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic Tobacco burst


All guitars are equipped with Sperzel Trim-Lock and all ESP guitars have EMG 81/60. Ladies and gentlemen this is Metallica guitarporn heaven if I'm not wrong??


Diezel VH4 loaded with JJ´s KT77

Diezel 4X12 Rearloaded with Vintage 30´s

Furman PL8C Power Conditioner

Line 6 Relay G90 Wireless

Korg Pitch Black Rack Tuner

TC Electronic G Major 2

ISP Decimator ProRackG 


(And there is a special secret stompbox pedal for the chorus whichs is a tri-chorus)


Ernie Ball EB2626 & EB2215

Dunlop Ultex Sharp 0,73


 And of course a Marshall Fridge lol! 


Murilo H.

well.. look who it is lol, how u doing man?

Jeremy D.

Honestly what do you do for a living that you can accumulate so much awesome gear??  I'm super jelous of the ESP EXPs you got.  The ESP EXP is my dream guitar and I was crushed  the day Gibson won their lawsuit and they stopped making them.  If you are ever in the market to sell one please email me at but  I wont get my hopes up. Thanks for the pics its always nice to see there are still a few of these guitars out there being well taken care of.


Hi hehe! I'm actually unemployed at the moment haha.

Unfortunately I will NEVER EVER sell any of my ESP MX250. These are NOT ESP EXP which is the older version with bolt-on construction and rosewood fretboard. These are the newer and better ones with set-neck and ebony fb. But dont give up on the hope. Sometimes they are for sale at ebay. I'm so extremely fortune to have 3 I almost can't believe it myself. 


But hey if you have instagram you could always follow me and my guitars  My name there is mmx_250 as well






Amazing gear!

Can I check whats the difference between the ESP MX250 Custom Black (Customshop)  and the other black MX250? How do you tell them a part (i.e. one being custom shop and other not)? 

Is it the serial number (different than K...) or a logo etc. at the back of the headstock?


Also how did you cover the pin holes on the white MX250 after you change tuners to Sperzel? Do you have a picture of it? I have seen black MX with sperzels but have not seen any white MX with black sperzels (i.e. close up picture)





Dat showroom!

Looks nasty :-) 


Damn, dat gear! I'm totally jealous! All I own is a Squier M80 and a Lexicon Alpha(piece of garbage). sweet.

Sam N.

God damn! 

Man, the explorer will forever be my favourite guitar and I blame James Hetfield and Jesper Strömblad for that influence. I currently have a epiphone explorer but there are some minor faults here and there. To one day get hold of an esp explorer would be more awesome than Kate Upton's T*ts.



awesome man   \m/


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