Noise Gates

Noise Gates

Hi everyone. Recently, I've been interested in getting a noise gate pedal. I have a Blackstar HT-5R head and cab and a guitar with EMG's (which are relativly quiet pickups) but when I crank the gain there's a bit of fizz when I'm not playing, as you'd expect. So my question is, does anyone have any experience with using noise gates and recommend any to me? Do they take from your tone at all? Are they worth the money? 

Vedran P.

I think there was a thread or at least something about noise gates earlier.., anyway.., my personal favourite, and personal favourite of most ppl is the ISP Decimator G-string.., I own a clone pedal, because original was to pricy for me at the time I was buying.., and it works just like in the youtube videos :D.., I tried rocktrons noise gate and didn't like it one bit..., from other brands I tried also Boss and two MXR's, noise gate and noise clamp..,  al worked well, but ISP decimator G-string was definetly the best.., also, there's ISP Decimator, cheaper version of g-string.., also works very very well.., so yeah, ISP or MXR would be my choices ;)




When I used a gate I preferred the Boss NS-2. Silenced the noise without the annoying gate cutoff. I cut my gain back more these days and have much less FX so it's no longer necessary. BTW it was very feedback friendly live. 

Blade L.

well persoanly the HUSH systems work for my Live rigs and our Sound systems, on the low end the Decimators are good $200.00 and less....

but when "Set Properly" the HUSH II and HUSH II-C are pretty much Set it and "Forget it" if you like to use more than 80% of the gain on a Given "High Gain Amp"

the HUSH Super-C be a better bet as it has a Threshold "And a Gate" to set when you like to have it "Cut Off" 99% of Hush first time users will set the Hush at Full On!

sometimes this will effect the Higher Freq. (Any of them Will) ,more so if one would set there amp at full Trebble ,0-Mids,full Bass then the Decimators are a little better. the Boss Pedals are good as well....when used "Correctly" they wont take from the tone, many would Argue this? but when set Correctly they wont...and for sure regardless there worth the money!!! also depending where you set in your "Chain" of effects has a BIG influance what it will do!  if not using "Stomp Boxes" set in Effect Loop set Threshold untill the "Noise is Gone" if running "Stomp Boxes" run after your Distortion Pedals......if running effects through "Front of Amp" might need 2, or get a HUSH2X be last one you'll need. will run about 150.00 to 170.00 new, but scout around can find as low as 60.00 i have seen...i have Marshall JVM 410H heads

on both of mine the Gain is Insane in RED Mode alomst same as a ENGL Special Edition !!! at 80% and i use a HUSH Super-C lets all the "Tone Through"

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