• vipprimo

    The Pick-Up Question

    So I went to the guitar shop and needed work on my guitar.  While I was there I was thinking of upgrading the pick-ups.  So I said EMG and I was basicallly laughed at.  I know there are tons of Seymour guys out there and they hit me with DiMarzio...  which I hadn't even though of and then said pick passive.  

    Not one to not question myself on my playing style or what I use, I'm hoping the community can help.  

    What do you choose for a pick-up and why?  What do you think of the other two?  

    What do you like more, active or passive and why?

    Please don't comment, "because it's cool" or it'll be ignored.  Try like, "I have a bluesy style so the accentuates my playing, but can handle the grungey stuff."  I appreciate it.