Distortion pedals

Distortion pedals

Hey guys, wanted a good distorion pedal for a good metal tone. Confused between boss metal zone, metal core and adaptive distortion pedals. Please help me out.

Vedran P.

All the pedals you just named are not really that good.., if you aim for a good metal sound try metal muff or some of the better exh pedals.., but if you want a really pro sound, my suggestions are definetly something like EBS Metladrive, Radial Tonebone, or some of the Sansamp pedals, eg. GT2 pedal.., those pedals will give you a true high gain distortion/overdrive sounds.., and of course, the best sound comes from the amp itself, so.., buy a very expensive amp with tubes :D

.., but if you're on the budget.., definite winner is Sansamp GT2.., check it ouz a litlle bit ;)

Josh C.

You could also look at the Fullbore Metal distortion pedal from MXR.


Thank you Vedran i'll definetly check them.

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Death Magnetic

i feel sorry for your equipment choices

Vedran P.


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Rex Rocker

I got a Boss Metalzone a few months ago, and my guitarist has an MXR -whateverit'scalled- Metal. We both think both are pretty bad. Wouldn't recommend either. I sold the Metalzone and my guitarist gave the MXR away, lol.


Wow, talk about a painful experience.  Finding a pedal was the worst.  I think I went through three in the first month alone.  Each one had its unique qualities and it's all based on how you want to sound.  Then like was mentioned below, I picked up a Jackson cabinet which had it's own sound to boot.  Unfortunately you're going to have to do research and do some testing.  I used youtube for my preliminary information (where was this when I needed it in the '90s!), then in-store where I could toy around with settings, and finally with my set-up itself.  I also like to find guys who have a sound that I like and check out their rig and then mimic it.  Once I've figure out how they made that sound I can make it my own.  Good luck.  

Klas H.

Still using my old Ibanez Smash Box for metaltones, somehow I never replaced it though I ave tried others. Not for everyone but I like the way it does pal muting.

Vedran P.

smashbox is actually really underrated pedal.., I mysel used it both with bass and guitar.., no losing low end with bass.., which is awsome.., and tone.., really high gain.., for a cheap pedal really good thing!


Is it possible to do the 18v mod on EMGs to the metal zone pedal, for more distortions? Thnks


The broots only come in with the 27v mod.

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