• cicada71

    Amp query ?

    I just wanted a couple opinions on these 2 amps I 've seen come up for sale,
    Bugera 6262-212 tube combo amp and a Peavey Valveking 100.

    I've read the Bugera is a cheaper version of the 5150 not sure how accurate this is though, if it sounds similar ?

    I mainly play thrash metal, which would be the better option ?


    • dimebagfan01

      Yes, the 6262 is just a copy of the 5150 II or the 6505+ and with a tube swap will sound nearly as good. The 5150 is overall my favorite amp for metal (paired with a Mesa Stilletto cab...:evil) so if you were planning on playing ONLY metal, go for that one. If you want versatility, go VK100. I have both and can say that while the 5150 tackles high gain a little better, the VK has amazing cleans and a great high gain channel for a budget amp. Listen to sound clips of both online to make your decision if you can't try them in a store at a decent volume. Also, keep in mind that you're not buying a Peavey 6505+, you're buying a 6262 by Bugera, so there may be quality issues and slight tonal differences (part choice, tube choice, construction, etc. effect this).

      • cicada71

        Hi mate, thanks for the reply.

        I'd love to pickup a 5150 or a 6505 but not many around here reasonably priced that's why I thought about grabbing the Bugera I wasn't sure about the VK100 ?

        I mainly play metal but also some clean stuff, would you recommend changing tubes on these amps ?