• Niklas L.

    Tung-Sol ECC83/12AX7 gold worth double the price?

    Has anyone compared the gold pin version against the regular one? Is it only the goldplated pins that makes it cost close to double the price?

    • Sixstringhotshot

      Every Tung-Sol I've ever tried (including an original vintage example) has gone microphonic within 2 weeks. YMMV.

    • ChrisMetal86

      I've never had experience with tung-sol preamp tubes, but I read good and bad reviews. I would just get one or two and try em if you got the spare cash.

      I will tell you this, I traded my V1 & V2 12AX7 out for SPAX7-A tubes, and my Roadster runs alot quieter and the gain is not as fizzy as the Mesa's are known for being at lower volumes. It also seems to be slightly tighter and more focused as well. I am considering changing all 6 tubes to SPAX7-A just to test it out. I have read a few people doing it and loved it, and others not so much.

    • Big Rich

      i tried both gold pins and regular tung sols in the V1 of my mark 5

      the gold pin is quieter, and the gain is much cleaner and clearer. i hate to say it was a night and day difference but as long as your not deaf you can deff hear a pretty big difference

      i think its worth the money. its deff a good tube for the V1 position