Help me buy an amp!

so here's the situation : I'm low on cash, got 300$ to buy an amp. I really want the best metal Tone, so I've checked those : Roland Cube 60 Vox AD50VT I own a line 6 spider III 120w and it think it's not for me. do you have a recommendation?
Bas D.

Save a little more and get a used 6505+.

Road King

If you're low on cash, you should probably save it. Nomsayin?

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On the budget end I would have said a Line 6 Spider but it sounds to me you should listen to the rest of the posts and just save up for a Mesa, Blackstar etc. If you can't get a sound you like from the Spider then you're not going to be happy with any of these other budget amps.


Save man, when you buy cheap you end up buying twice which cost you even more.


eh eh thanks for the reply, but this post has been 2 yo. I've grew up in mind a little bit and I like more of analog amps than digital. Not that digital amps are bad, they are pretty good, but digital amps usually have hard EQ'ed sound, which limits you if you want to play with it.

I had a spider 120 watts and it sincerely was not my taste at all. the default sound for the clean is not pure, its already has an EQ with too much bass. it has a very nice clean sound, but when you play in a band, the bassist eats all your frequencies and you can't hear anything from your amp (IMO)

The roland cube has the best Distortion sound I've heard so far from digital amp tough and it is very viable in a band, cutting through the bassist without muting him, but it has the same problem with the clean sound.

Blade L.

first, as with all things, buy what you "Want" this way you dont have those nagging regrest thinking? "Well i sould have bought"....

second, well you mentioned metal "Tone" this is "Easiest of all" to Aquire now days, but it is "Subjective"...with almost 7 billion people on the planet? you'll get as many "Opinions"......

3rd, a tough one? but Tube or Solid State...??? nowdays even the Solid state Amps are getting "MUCH Better" with a Budget a Solid State probally be a good bet..often as well can be used at much Lower Volumes to practice on, sometimes and "Again Subjective" sometimes Tube Amps need to be Cranked to get those "Tones"

if you like the Roland, may want to Stick with it??  as in Mind set it doesnt matter if is a Marshall ,Mesa,Orange etc. etc. you already Lean on the Roalnd....many would Disagree but the Peavey Vyper series amps are not to shabby, after trying some Dozens of Line 6 type amps?? wanted to find one for Practice...(i use Marshall JVM's) but found "Personally" Line6 products just lack?? and they change there line every 30 seconds it seems?

tried out a Peavey Vyper and was kind of Suprised how well it "Could Sound" ,as well if wanting to say down road use "MIDI"  the Vyper may not be the ticket? it has it's own dedicated Foot controller, and nowdays with a MIDI converter,almost "Any Amp" can be MIDI controlled.....

also ask your self? will this be my main rig? how Versitile do i need it to be? will i "only be Playing "Metal" type music on it? does it HAVE to have Channel Switching? will I be Channel Switching Allot? will it need to have an Effects Loop? or will i run effects through Front to Push the amp?(get a HUSH)  ,but i would say as well sometimes going "Real Inexpensive" will end up costing "MORE" later WAY MORE !!!

also do you want a "Combo" or a Standard 4x12 with a Amp Head? and or do you have the means to move it around etc. if you do not have a car or truck to carry bigger amps etc. a Combo might be something you may have to look into etc. combos? i have to say Marshall's Mesa's on the other end Blackstars,and others can get fairly Inexpensive? on the "Other hand" if your "Already Planning to use some sort of "Stomp Box" almost "ANY Amp" will be fine just find one then with a good Clean sound and go from there.........with a Ibanez "Tube Screamer" your Set......lastly, if your really "Looking" take your Guitar and Try "EVERY AMP" you are looking into within your Budget? forget the Guitars on the racks?? take "Yours" and Try the Amp,and just bring the one "Stomp Box" if you use them? and nail down the amp?

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