• Shaun M.

    active pickup murder

    So my actives werent turning down all the way when i turned the volume knob to zero, but it would if i fiddled with the jack a little.
    So i decided to look around in in. I resoldered the jack. And i may have accidentally left the battery in when i soldered, now, not only do i have the same problem, but now the pickups themselves sound extremely buzzy and distorted even on clean.
    ...did i just fry my pups? Please god say no.

    • Shaun M.

      Seriously? Nobody? Guys i am freakin out.

    • Norseman

      I have the OEM EMGs from my ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe FR I will sell you if so. Let me know if you're interested.

    • JSHRED

      OEM. Original Equipment. As opposed to an aftermarket upgrade.
      Plainly put, the pickups that came in the guitar from the factory.

      Regarding your symptoms, I don't think soldering while the battery was in the circuit would necessarily do anything bad, after all, you're just closing and opening the circuit by cutting and then resoldering anything. Additionally, if the guitar was unplugged, the circuit should have been open (non functioning) anyway. But I've never done soldering work with an active setup while the battery is connected, so I can't say anything as a matter of certain fact.

      You should probably remove the battery, unsolder your connections, redo them carefully, and then put the battery back in. It could always be one of your connections isn't perfect. But if you still do that and the problem persists, maybe you did cook one of the preamps.

    • Norseman

      Yeap ...just like JSHRED says. I installed passive Gibson pickups in my EC-1000 Deluxe (I posted the pics and everything up on here, and I can find you the link if you care to see). Since then the EMGs that came with the guitar are sitting in a box not being used. Not a thing wrong with them ...I just wanted to experiment with some passives in my EC-1000 to see if I could get it to sound anything like my Gibson.

    • mihnea

      Have you tried a different battery or checked voltage on yours? Very distorted clean sound sounds to me like under-voltage.