Pedal Power question.

Pedal Power question.
So my dream pedalboard consists of the following: Crybaby, Digitech Whammy, joyo overdrive, Ibanez DFL (Morello fan :D) and probably a tuner of some sort. anyways. I have the wah and whammy, and soon to get the overdrive, tuners probably next. The flanger is kindof a "oneday hopefully" thing. ANYWAY ANYWAYS, what kind of power supply should i get? Right now i have 2 different power supplies running the wah and whammy, so when i get the rest of my pedals, should i get like a 1Spot and power them all? I hear that if you run pedals in and out of the fx loop, it can create hum. That true? Also. Does a 1spot (or any other basic adapter) have the juice to run a whammy, wah, and a few other stompboxes? Joyo makes a stompbox sized "brick" style one for like 60 bucks. Seems pretty steep just to run your pedals. So wwhhaatt should i get? go.

Also. What should go in my loop? Wah never really goes in it. And when i tried my whammy in my loop, just turning it on made my sound super saturated and awful. should a whammy normally go in the loop? And how bout an overdrive, if i use it as a booster, should it go before or after distortion? (Aka in or out of loop)

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