help me choose an overdrive ped!

help me choose an overdrive ped!
Hello. I have a randall head that produces a solid amount of metal deliciousness. But for solos, and playing higher up, it could use a little more. So im looking for a pedal that not only provides a volume boost (for solos)but a little gain added too. Another use id like to use it for is as...well just an overdrive. The randall head is great for metal. But when you roll back the gain its a little harder to find a good rockish overdrive. So two uses for this pedal. Gain and volume boost. light rock drive. So what are some suggestions? Boss SD-1? Tubescreamer? Lookin for the around $50 range. The boss overdrives are decently cheap. And the ts-7 tubescreamer can be found around there too. Although i believe those are generally frowned apon. go.

I also see on called the "Ultimate overdrive" by Joyo.
This thing just looks badass. And not a single negative review.
Anybody have one of these? Right in my price range too. (40 bucks)


So ive been looking more at these Joyo pedals.
The "vintage overdrive" is a ts808 clone and most reviews claim its better.
The one i was talking about before is the "ultimate overdrive" which is an OCD clone. No knowledge of the ocd, but apparently its great.
i think im going with one of these

deus ex machina

I'd go for just about any TS-style pedal.

I have an MXR Classic OD. I believe they used to go for 30 or 40 bucks new at Guitar Center. They were a Guitar Center exclusive. It's the EXACT SAME circuit as the GT-OD and the Wylde Overdrive, but on a cheaper enclosure, supposedly. I still think it's pretty solid compared to my other MXR pedals.

The Classic Overdrive and some revisions of the GT-OD and Wylde Overdrive have an internal switch inside to toggle between either mode (ZW or OD). I think the Classic OD is a particularly good deal.

There's also the Ibanez TS7. It does the job too. I think they're discontinued, but they're not hard to find in the used market.

The Boss SD-1 is also good. It cuts more low-end and has less mids than a traditional tubescreamer, tho.

I've heard those Joyos are alright too. Never tried one myself.

I'd personally prefer something more traditional-TS for a boost to be used with high-gain amps as opposed to the OCD because they cut a little bit more low-end and have a more pronounced midrange and a more squishy sound.

*EDIT*, oh, I see you actually want to use it as an overdrive, not as a boost for high-gain... lol... then yeah, the OCD clone might be nice. Also check out the MXR Badass Modified Overdrive. :)

mrclean77 from these boards I believe makes or has made an OCD clone. You might want to hit him up.


In regards to Joyo:
I own a Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive and can say that it is a good pedal for the price that is close enough to the SHOD for me. I'm not sure how well it will hold up over time, though. The Joyo's seem to be good clones, but build quality is the question on them. My joyo feels cheap in the hand. It's light it feels empty. You probably would be happy with either one of the options you were thinking of. IMO, The Ultimate Overdrive would be a good pedal for what you are describing.


Well both, my main purpose actually is a solo boost, but id like a pedal that could provide a nice light dist. Anyways.

deus ex machina

Well both, my main purpose actually is a solo boost, but id like a pedal that could provide a nice light dist. Anyways.
Oh! Yeah, lol... should've read your first post better.

So my recommendation still stands, then. :)

+1 on MXR stuff being great bang-for-the-buck.


great! thanks for the info. great to hear from somebody that actually owns one,


MXR gt-od

Or something mxr. Anything else just isn't as good.

Bas D.

MXR gt-od

Or something mxr. Anything else just isn't as good.


The MXR GT-od is great!

Rikki Tikki Tavi

Tubescreamer Mini here, £60. With Hughes and Kettner Switchblade (ultra channel, gain around one o'clock), EMG 81.


I like an OCD for boosting an already distorted channel.  Produces some really nice mild to moderate breakup for a clean channel also.

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