• Brottuss

    Install a Kahler Bridge on a LTD

    I got some plan for my LTD V401 and a friend of mine suggest I could put a Kahler bridge. even if it's properly installed, do you think the guitar will stand it. is there chance that the neck bend over time ?

    • WildeStarr

      Don't do it. Leave it as is. If you need to have a trem....Buy a guitar with a trem bridge already installed.


    • ozzuk1

      It should affect the neck that much you can do it, but theres a lot of work involved even after its installed.

      You need a wider saddle cage at the bridge for strings heavier than a .48 gauge and they arent the same as a floyd rose.

      I use mine mainly for very subtle effects but it can do more extreme stuff I got the heavier cam springs as I felt the stock ones were too light for my tastes, they are great if you palm mute and push down on the bridge a lot a floyd will just go out unless its blcoked or set to dive only...

      Really learn what's involved ime they arent as set them and leave them as a Floyd would be, also be sure you want to permanently change your guitar...

      I would go for a 7200 or 2200, go for a floyd style locknut too if thats possible or a really good nut with locking tuners....

      Some people get tuning issues with them but they may have not had it perfectly set up they are very sensitive units.....the lock down screw is cool if you want to downtune on the fly without much fuss...

    • collapse

      I have put kahlers on 4 of my ltd's two 7 string and 2 six string guitars, it was alot of work but well worth it. Kahlers are my trem of choice but need proper setup to work right.

    • Wyvern Claw

      I actually like Kahlers a lot, I used to have a Hybrid model on my old BC Rich Warlock, and there's a 2315 on my ESP Hanneman sig. They definitely do NOT "blow buffalo beanbags", but not everyone is going to like them either, so I can understand that opinion. I've personally never had any tuning issues with mine for string bends or just general use of the trem on either guitar I've owned that had one. However, I have seen others that do have some issues with them, so I won't flat out say they're perfect or whatever, but solely by my own experience, they have been.

      After playing my guitars that were equipped with Kahlers, my friend actually wants to take the Floyd out of one of his guitars and get a Kahler instead. Personally, I like both equally, but prefer the feel of the kahler over a Floyd Rose.

      I can't give you any info on if your guitar can have one properly installed and have it work just fine, but that's just my two cents on Kahlers in general if it turns out it will work and you think it really is what you want to go for.

    • Brottuss

      I think I was high when I had that Idea xD hahahahaha. It's soooo a bad idea since I have to carve a hole for it in ma guitar.