suggest me a small, flat freindly amp.

lo, Since moving into a flat I've hardly used my guitar, because my current amp (ENGL Screamer combo) is far too loud to use. So, I'm looking at getting a small practice amp. I have no idea what's out there so was hoping you guys could help me out. I don't mind if its a very low wattage tube amp, or a solid state one. I like to play blues, 60s/70s rock and metal. My budget is up to £350.... Thanks

I've looked into all of these amps, and while some of them look a bit friendly, none of them are flat.  The Pod is a bit narrow and stubby, but far from flat.

Sergio S.

yamhaha thr10x, heard only good revies and keith merrow and jeff loomis use them for practice!

Blade L.

the Fender Mustang,Blackstar, and the Peavey Vyper Vip-1 ,and going even further get iRig if you have an iPhone? $19.00USD and can dial in almost anything?

so could even play sitting in Bed !!! or many of the "Computer based" USB type Interfaces are really sounding better and better all the time, i also have the Xport those are nice too can record direct to computers etc.


I found the Roland Cube to robotic and cold

The Blackstar HT5 could not give me enough gain and thomp for my liking, also not enough bass (clean stuff)

I really like the Peavey Vyper 30 for metal (6505 amp model) with a Vox VT20+ for vintage stuff (nice warm creamy overdriven tones)

but that just my opion and taste


I have a Blackstar HT-5R head and 1x12 cab. Sounds awesome and has great features like headphones socket (perfect for a flat), two channels, built in reverb, mp3 input and it's valve. I'd highly recommend it!

Vedran P.

Peavey viper 15 or roland cube..,m that's it brother.., try it and be happy with it .., or, buy a small tube amp.., that's alway fun.., and I'm serious now

Stevie Strings

I love my Fender Vibro Champ XD. If you can find one, and you play the styles you suggested, you will love this thing.

Ilgaz Alaca

I would recommend a Marshall MG15CFR or a Vox AC1 RythmVox. 

Cianan M.

dont trust anyone here,get the boss cube 15 watt,i can actually get a better siunds from that than my line 6 spider 3 120 watt

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