• Ozwepaie

    Ernie Ball Cobalt strings...... WoW !!

    I got my first set of EB "Cobalt", I got 10-46 (that's all they had).
    I put them on two guitars: both Les Paul classic, one w/ 498-490 passive
    alnico pickups and one w/ 81/60 active EMG.
    Tuned both to D* down 1/2 step.
    Now I'm able to compare tones w/ a LP custom 500t/498r passive and
    and ESP EC 1 81/60 EMG. both w/ EB "Hybred" 9-46 nickel slinky.

    The difference is worlds apart!!! It's almost like you've been digitally
    engineered for every note to cut through and sound perfect.
    I could not believe my ears.
    The clarity and frequency response, is amazing. Truly unbelievable,
    the difference these string make.
    I put a capo on the high E @ the 19th. Struck an open E chord
    full gain, & then plucked the high E.
    It didn't just cut through, it screamed !

    I'm just dumb struck @ how they sound.
    They made an 498t sound as clear powerful as a EMG 81.
    And the EMG's .... there's nothing to compare them too.

    I'm going to keep playing around w/ pickups & amps. But I'm telling you
    guys... Give these things a shot. The best word that comes to mind
    is "professional". On how to describe them. You sound like a true Rockstar.

    Post your thoughts here. and what gear you're using?
    So far I have 10'z on 2 LP classics.
    and have used the following amps:
    Mesa Roadster/Marshall JCM800 & 2000 /Crate BV120 (4th gen) & (1st gen)
    Crate GX1200 SS/ Raven RG20 SS/ Fender Princeton 112 /

    Best clean is the Mesa, (no shit right..) LoL
    Jammed w/ a Aqua puss, never wanted to stop.
    Best "metal" tone is the BV120 4th gen. I could not believe the sounds &
    sustain I was getting w/ these strings.
    **used a ISP desimator G string**
    (if you don't have one ? ..... get one!!) a head bangers best friend.
    Best for low volume recording. was the Raven. for $69. you'll never get
    a better little practice amp. 12" speaker, head phone & iPod jacks, built in
    tuner, reverb & delay, 2 channels and the clean is "Ultra" clean. The gain
    is kind of an old school style. Remonds me of George Thorogood.

    Anyway... I'm going to go play.

    Just a few more things. They are very smooth to the touch, and bend
    beautifully. You'll find that you don't get as much "finger scratch" as you
    move around the neck.
    Cobalt is non absorbent & non corrosive. So in theory, they should last
    a long time?
    And take notice of the oscillation. It's perfect. So your notes crystal
    and sustain fantastic. This is the best thing to happen to strings in the
    27 yrs I've been playing guitar.

    • Ozwepaie

      And did I mention? I tuned the guitar once, played for 25 min before I realized that it
      had stayed in tune. Brand new strings.....

    • cecilbag

      I guess I'll have to give them a shot. I didn't notice anything special with the pure nickel or any of the other flavor of the week. Hope these are better, still prefer DR so far....

    • Metaldude

      hey man nice "review" :)

      im using Ernie ball ever since , after 3 years I asked myself :„ I'm playing Ernie's for so long now , maybe I SHOULD try something different ”
      but I tried everything , DR, dean markley,Daddario,Dunlop and more .
      Ernie's still are the best !

      when I first heard bout the cobalts I knew I gotta get them ! thx for strengthen my expectations , im going to get them as soon as possible

    • deus ex machina

      I'd love to try a set of not even slinkies :)

    • Harvesterofsorrow1199

      I cant stand cobalt strings, the texture of the strings drives me nuts, they feel liek garbage, gritty and sticky
      they sound ok, kinda scooped maybe!
      but i liek my tone better with dunlop strings to be honest and the dunlops feel alot nicer and smoother.
      I wont be buying anymore cobalt strings!

      oh and they also seem to be wearing down my frets alot quicker too, i polished them up real nice between string changes and i can already see alot of wear marks...not good

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    • cecilbag

      What, do they feel like flat wounds?

    • bazguitarman

      I am very curious about these strings. Very curious.

      My only concern is how hard they are and will they increase fret wear on normal nickle fret wire. I used to love DM "Blue Steel" strings until I noticed they were eating my frets like candy.

      I want to try the Cobalts but will wait till others post up on fret wear .

    • Harvesterofsorrow1199

      After using these for a coupel months on a couple of my main guitars i have come to the conclusion that they do significantly wear frets alot faster then normal nickel strings, wich is too bad because i do liek the way they sound.
      bottom line, if you liek the way they sound and dont mind replacing your frets every year keep using cobalts, if you want your fretwire to last stay away.

    • nabeel

      I hate these strings, they keep fucking unwinding at the bridge, 3 sets of them, the low E and the A strings.

      Going back to titaniums.

    • Tondog

      I'm convinced now that if you play active pickups, you could use just about anything for strings cuz I couldn't hear a difference in these at all.

    • Rikki Tikki Tavi

      I've re-strung with rubber bands, and my EMG's sound great!

    • Jon A.

      hate these strings, they keep fucking unwinding at the bridge, 3 sets of them, the low E and the A strings.

      Going back to titaniums.

      Just replaced my first set of Cobalts with my first set of Titaniums and I must say that even though I really liked the Cobalts, these Titaniums seem to sound more "punchy", which is a good thing.

      Could be me though.

    • Road King

      I like EB strings, but they break too easily IMO. This is why I use the DM Blue Steels. I've tried out both the cobalts and the titanium EB strings, and couldn't hear much difference (using EMGs). The cobalts were maybe more bright, I guess. That sucks about them wearing out the frets faster, if that's true. I wonder what the titanium ones do to the frets.

    • nabeel

      I've been using titaniums for a long time, and I haven't noticed any abnormal fret wear. About wear with the cobalts - I don't know. I didn't notice much of a tone change either. They just kept breaking on me every week or two, where titaniums would go on and on.

      I might have to try out the Blue Steels.

    • Ozwepaie

      I've been rocking these for 2 months now. And I don't notice any fret ware ???
      and I'm still using the same set I started w/. Not only have they held up to the
      beatings I put on strings. But I'm amazed @ how well the tone has held up.
      They still sound new.
      I'm sold !!
      A quick note on "Blue Steel" they have a distinct type of oscillation. That does not
      sit well w/ EMG's. Like a loss in clarity. But some people like it.
      Try this: string your guitar w/ both BS (blue steel) and EB (slinky's)

      *BS low E & A then EB low E & A then BS high e and last EB high e.*

      And compare tone. It's a great trick when you really want to hear the difference.
      Just don't leave it on long, it will fuck your set-up good.

    • Rikki Tikki Tavi

      I'm using NYXL's at the moment with EMG's and like them alot.Have a set of Ernie Ball Cobalt strings but not tried them. The fret wear thing concerns me. No disrespect folks but is that down to technique, I mean some people have a different 'touch' etc when playing.

    • jt76

      My electronics tech put EB cobalts on one of my guitars. I dislike them so much I almost thought about finding another tech.   They sound ok.  Very nice eq balance however something is not right about the sound to me.  something un natural sounding about them.  Sounds ok for modern metal or progressive.  Not good for vintage sounding stuff.  Mainly my problem with them is that they feel horrible.  They have a sticky feeling.  like they may be coated in the adheasive used on duct tape.  I have used regular daddarios for years.  I now have NYXL s on two guitars.  So far I am very happy with them.

    • Ashvik j.

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