Multiple-in-one guitar cases?

Do they have any guitar cases that can hold 2 or even 3 guitars? I'm going to be traveling a lot to start recording soon and I'm gunna be using the train, so it'd be nice to not walk on looking like a hobo haha. Thanks

I know gator and skb both used to make double cases. I have a les paul/strat skb, it's old but still holds up great. Got mine at AMS

ESP 348

I hope you have some big muscles to walk around carrying 2 or 3 guitars in one case. :D

I just weighed my KH4 with case the other day and it was nearly 10 kg total. :o


I can carry it, thats no problem,
I'd rather have two hands on one fat case than two hands with 2 different cases in each hand, I'm trying to avoid that.

Actually "true story bro" last time I was on a train with my Guitar and I bumped into someone with the case and they FLIPPED FUCK on me, turns out they were Amish. 0.o


why do u avoid that ? isn't that way more comfortable than switching one heavy case from one hand to the other every 5 minutes ?


A friend of mine has a pretty sturdy double gigbag, don't know what brand it is


Try to find one with wheels, makes lugging them around so much easier.
I have one of those SKB ones for my keyboard, and it's a lifesaver.

Impulse 101

SKB makes a golf bag hardcase that has wheels in it. You can easily fit two or three guitars in gigbags inside of it, along with some cables and accessories. It's,a,good choice for situations like yours.


Big Rich

Got a fender double gig bag for 40$ at musicians friend

Works great and is made pretty well for the money. The zippers are sturdy wher the guitars go but the storage pocket zippers feel like they may break one day

Check it out

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