Rack system tips

Rack system tips
I'd like to get some tips about what to buy. I want to get me a racksystem to go with my amp. Eightes hair metal (Dokken etc) style. I run on an Bugera 333xl at the moment but I will replace it with a custom built amp (similar to a JCM800). I'd like to control it with one of those massive midi pedal boards. :) Low to mid budget



There is no such thing as a low to mid budget rack.


you need a multi fx unit, noise gate, power conditioner.. and possibly an eq.. thats as simple as i can put it


Lots of extra rack mount screws. They have a bad habit of getting lost and/or stripped.


Impulse 101

I've been a rack guy for thirty years now. I got my first Boogie studio preamp in 89, I'm really old....

Anyway, if I wanted to go cheap and still have a kick ass tone I would get the two following units off of eBay. #1 Rocktron Intellifex, #2 Lexicon MPX-1. They are both cheap now and still have lots of great tones. I would get a VooDoo Labs Ground Control Pro as my controller and finally a Suhr mini mix II. Which you would need to run the MPX-1 in parallel.

My signal chain would go like this, Amp Loop send to Intellifex in, Intellifex out to Mini Mix In, Mini mix split send to MPX-1 in, MPX-1 out to Mini Mix return. Mini Mix Out to Amps loop return.

Here's why I would run it this way. It gives you the ability to use the Intellifex's pitch and modulation effects in series and the Intellifex has a very good analog dry path in it, so it doesn't suck tone. It's a bit of a bear to program but it has lots of great sounding presets that you can tweak a bit and not really worry about the deep editing stuff. The MPX-1 can handle all of your reverb and delay effects and the mixer will remove any issues with patch lag or switching delays.

I have all of those units and a lot of really high end stuff too and I'd be able to do just about any gig with those.

If you want to use pedals or switch an amps channels just find an RJM mini gizmo or even better a used Axess Electronics GRX-4. If you need more you could also find a VooDoo labs GRX-8 but they are very susceptible to ground loops.



Thanks Impulse! I'll check'em out.
What do you think of a TC electronics G-Major, a BBE eq and a Decimator noise suppressor or what it's called. (I'm swedish, not so good at the english language)

Impulse 101

G major is a good piece of gear, it will do all of the basics and is pretty easy to use. I'm not big on using an EQ in a rig as a piece that is always in the signal chain. The Decimator is also a solid noise gate but I hate noise gates in general, if a rig is so loud that it needs one then you should be fixing the issues with the rig.


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