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    Amp and Effects Pedal Questions

    Hey all, Relatively new here and just bought my first ESP last week(H-1001fm) and so far its hands down the best guitar Ive ever owned. Anyways, I'm looking for a half decent amp to noodle around with at home and have pretty much decided on a Roland Cube 80xl.(any thoughts?) I'm not in a band or jamming with anyone at the moment so its just for a practice amp. I'm also looking at buying a boss effects board( like the GT-10) My question is can a guy use a GT-10 with the Roland amp or is it a waste seeing as the amp is loaded with boss effects anyway?

    Also seeing as I'm just a guy who like to play at home and learn his favorite tunes is it still worth it to own one? Whats the general consensus on the Boss effects boards? Any good? Any Problems? are they too complicated for a newbie figure out?

    Thanks in Advance!

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