Mesa tube question

Hey guys, I got a Mark V a week ago and one of the tubes was dead. I talked to Mesa and they sent a new pair of tubes which arrived today. The match group on them is GRN. The rest of the tubes in the amp say the same thing. I really don't know much about all this, so my question is: Do I need to change a pair of tubes or do I only replace the dead one and keep the other new one as a spare? Thanks.
ESP 348

The new tubes should be a matched set, so change them both out. :)


They are, but I don't know which ones to change. The bad one and which other one? They're all the same "match group".


With Mesa it's normally the inside two tubes run as a pair and the outside pair run as a pair. You don't have to run both the new tubes together but I would and just keep the good one from the swap as your spare


Thanks guys. I replaced them, everything's good. This amp is a beast.

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