Sansamp psa 1?

Howdy lads, first post here, I've got an old PSA 1 which I love, but being a gear whore I'm always on the hunt for something to satisfy the gas. How do you guitar slayers rate the PSA 1 compared to modern amp simulaters ie; RP1000, HD 500, Axefx etc for tone/dynamics/feel? Are the modern simulaters that much better than the PSA 1? Keeping in mind I'm not interested in effects just amps/tone. Cheers lads

The axe II probably shits over anything else out there but thats an unfair comparison as the psa-1 is a simpler analouge device...

It's probably closer to a true valve preamp in it's functions...

I always felt the sansamp stuff sounded a little fizzy and wasent that great for high gain stuff..

Probably requires minimal tweaking ocmpared to the hd500 or axe, the digitech gsp1010 is also highly regarded...

the recto tones on the axe are insane when tweaked right...


As far as Sansamp goes, I can tell you that the GT-2 kicks ass. I used if for all the guitar tracks on the last 2 WildeStarr CD's.

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