• davidrf

    LTD EC 1000: SD Alnico vs. SD JB/'59

    Hi everyone!
    I'm about to buy a brand new LTD EC 1000, but I have this doubt:

    the finish I'd like to get is Goldtop, but it has Alnico humbuckers. For what I want to play (rock/hard rock/a bit of not too heavy Metal), they suggested me the JB/'59 pickups, that are only mounted in guitars with Amber Sunburst and Vintage Black finishes (I don't like them).

    Do you think I can leave the Alnicos or I'll have to spend additional money to get the JB/'59 on my goldtop?

    Furthermore, some say an even better combo is JB (bridge) and SD Jazz (neck). What do you think?


    • ammar

      I had both set of pickups, The gold top with Alnico II is an awesome sounding guitar. You can go as heavy as early Metallica. The JB/Jazz or JB/59 is very common for HEAVY metal, especially artists who don't like active pups.

      Go for the Gold!

    • davidrf

      You know you're the first one to answer me "keep the Alnicos" specifying JB/Jazz combo is usually chosen by metalheads (I posted in other forums too). I'll keep that in consideration!

      • captcoolaid

        Yeah the JB would seem perfect for metal heads but witha mag mod to an A8 they clean up great and become alive. With the mod you get more of a Jazz tone with the cleans and you can dial in, depending on the pick attack a good vintage/modern tone as well.

    • ammar

      I liked the sound of the Alnicos, versatile. I have EMGs for the heavier stuff.