• matti

    Digitech rp500 vs Line 6 HD300?

    Hey everyone, new member here.

    I'm ordering my EC-1000 soon and still not too sure what effects pedal i should get.

    Watched several reviews on both and still not sure if the HD amp models on the HD300 would be better than the Digitech RP500.

    My setup will consist out of high quality headphones and speakers for now, with my pc in range to record but I do plan on getting an amp down the line.

    Do anyone of you have experience with both units or just think one would be more beneficial for my current setup?


    • diadorastriker

      The HD is miles better, it actually feels very close to the originals and the M class effects are miles ahead of the Rp500. In addition the Line 6 is built much better, sturdy metal chassis and buttons.

      • cecilbag

        I definately agree that the line 6 is much better than digitech. I don't think they are built better though. The older line 6 gear had heavy duty buttons (like an mxr pedal) but the newer stuff has the crappy little switches under what looks like a regular footswitch. I had to send my m13 back twice before the 12 month warranty expired for faulty switches. If you're handy with a soldering iron get an assortment of old rca tv or vcr remotes. The tiny switch under the metal button is the same as the remote controls

    • Justinschut

      I'm also looking at the HD300, but I'm not convinced by what I've seen on Youtube.. (gotta try it for myself, I know)

      For the people that have tried it, does it really feel tube-ish ? I had the HD147 head and it sounded and felt really digital

    • diadorastriker

      It does sound tubish, the unit itself is for tweakiers. If you dont sit down with it, and manipulate the models and a tube power amp was no used. its going to sound weak in the high gain department which i suspect is why xzyryabx had trouble with getting usable sounds but the models are incredibly responsive to picking dynamics which to an advanced guitarists is a godsend. Literally it can switch to a recto patch, to a bogner, and then to a silverface bassman without missing a beat. Also updates are free.

    • matti

      The line 6 HD300 has good reviews but i've read some complaints about the distortion not being that great. any truth to this?

    • diadorastriker

      There just not utilizing the processing power such as the sag control and the different mic options that the unit gives you. Remember most negative gear reviews are based on user error especially when there are many happy users of a product. As with politics the most vocal people are the ones who are not happy.

    • matti

      Yeh i mean, i don't mind spending time on tweaking the perfect tone, I've read the software makes it easier too. Once you get that right tone, patch it and enjoy I guess.

    • Velt017

      I wasn't a huge fan of the high gain models on the HD500, everything else sounded great though. To be fair though, I don't particularly like high gain models on anything as 6L6 high gain tube amps are really the only thing I think sounds good and anything less is just junk.

    • SGCustom

      Digitech is indeed shit.

      HD300 without a doubt.

    • matti

      EC-1000 Silverburst and hd300 incoming.

      • xZYRYABx

        matti, not sure where you live, but if in the US you can just order/buy one from musiciansfriend/GC, try it out for a month at home all you want, and then return it. these units are very subjective, most say effects are better on the digi, emulation better on he HD. Best way to judge is to get your hands on one.

    • EvolutionVII

      My setup will consist out of high quality headphones and speakers for now, with my pc in range to record but I do plan on getting an amp down the line.

      I haven't heard one good word about POD HD in combination with headphones.
      I think it needs to push a real cabinet to sound "good" and not hi-fi.

    • sean106OCD

      Thanks to being schooled by Mr. Kirk Witt I may be in the market for a HD300 for recording. Just curios how it sounds when used as a preamp?? is it a tone sucker? I ask as back in the day when I was using Marshalls I used it right into my FX loop return and found it was a bit of tone sucker. But convenient for FX and I liked the expression pedal.

      The vids on line6.com kinda suck and really don't cater to the sounds I am looking for. Same with the Tube.

    • Bob Sacamano

      That's what I'm using and it's pretty sick!

      It's what this guy uses, but yea pod x3 live=badass

    • StimoS

      Hey man. Like some said above there are alot of people the post bad reviews but most people who are motivated to review are the ones that had issues. And alot of time that is human error. My personal opinion is nothing is built high quality anymore. But I do believe that the line 6 stuff is good for the money. The effects have come a very long way but are still a bit too digital.... because they are digital. But then again if you want a really true sound Id go for some of the tc electronic stuff but those also have there own little issues. Honestly just go with what is appealing to you and if it doesnt work out just return it and try something different. I personally have had alot of good expiriences with the boss multi effects products and currently have my eye on the gt 100

    • Justinschut

      Are you serious ?

    • kingofvs

      zoom g5. I love mine.