• Robotsatemygrandma

    Fuzz my wah pedal in a pup? Oh my!

    What's up guys, been a long ass time...

    I'm in a pickle, need multiple answers NAOW! :lol

    Fuzz pedals!? What's a good fuzz pedal with note clarity and sustain... maybe on the darker side of the tone spectrum?

    I grabbed your typical common run of the mill Dunlop Crybaby, I remember someone saying there was a guy or place that mods these bad boys? I really don't use the wah like Kirk Hammy for my sick ass make no sense solos. Just for making noise.

    Pickups! I've been using a Duncan '59 in my MH300 forever... but I need more tones and coil tapping :eek:,

    No EMG's, I only use those in 7 strings (707 booya!) I'd like to avoid dropping the ching that Bareknuckles cost... should I revisit DiMarzio?

    Oh one more! I know, long winded...

    Anyone rock one of those LTD TE202's yet? I'm gassing hard for a tele.

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